Adult sports leagues a hit among area residents

Published 7:55 am Tuesday, April 25, 2006

By Staff
The demand for adult sports leagues in this area is very high and it's nice to see the variety of different leagues forming and building very quickly.
The Blossomland Soccer League, Niles-Buchanan YMCA leagues and others are proof that there are many of people in this area who wish to continue playing sports as the years go by.
Soccer is obviously one of the most dominating sports around. There are now 10 teams involved in the Blossomland League, with the two newest being from Buchanan and Niles. These teams include athletes who are still in high school, to athletes who graduated almost 30 years ago. The league is very competitive and has grown very much since its formation just three years ago. It looks as though the Blossomland League will be around for years to come.
Another league that has quickly grown is the Niles-Buchanan YMCA Slow Pitch Softball League. Though this league only has enough room for 10 teams, the spaces filled quickly last year and look to do so again this year. Before this league formed, area softball players had to travel to other cities to be involved in an adult league. Athletes in this league range from beginners all the way to former college players. The YMCA also offers an adult volleyball league, which takes place during the winter months.
One league that has not formed yet and could be a big hit is a basketball league. With the amount of talent in this area, a league like that would be sure to draw some of the best talent around. Many of other cities offer basketball leagues, which are set up according to experience and skill. Area basketball courts around town are filled with players who come and go throughout the day. Rain or shine, people are always out, which is an indication that a basketball league would do very well.
Area golf courses also offer a variety of different golf leagues. Most of them are set up according to age and gender. Plym Park has offered mens and women's leagues for years. Ask your local golf course about the different leagues they offer.
If you're looking for something indoors, try joining one of the many bowling leagues this area has. Joey Armadillo's has many leagues, which take place throughout the week. Here, you can see a lot of experienced, and not-so-experienced, bowlers competing. Or, if you have a different bowling alley you prefer, check with them to see if they offer some sort of adult league.
Adult sports leagues are the perfect way for companies or groups of friends to socialize and stay active. They also give you a chance to meet other people in the area. Fnd out how you can join a league or form one of your own. People in this area are always looking for ways to stay active and an adult league is the perfect answer.