Former safety building still for sale

Published 4:45 am Thursday, April 6, 2006

By By ANDY HAMILTON / Niles Daily Star
NILES - A ‘For Sale' sign has been placed in front of the former home of the Niles' police and fire departments. But, Niles City Administrator Terry Eull said nothing about the property has changed.
A notice stating the availability of the old public safety building was placed on lot at the corner of Third and Silverbrook streets earlier in the week.
Eull said some people have showed interest in the lot, including Fiskar's Construction Co. out of St. Joseph, who has considered building condominiums at the location along the St. Joseph River.
Other ideas have surfaced in the last two years since the new Niles Fire Station and Law Enforcement Complex were built. Eull said a concept for a mixed use facility with commercial outlets on the ground floor and condos above has been brought forward, as well as the thought of a restaurant.
Another part of the process would be remodeling the power station in the back of the building.
Eull said the electric facility would remain on the site, but the small building adjacent to the electric lines would be remodeled. Plus, some of the “excess hardware” would be removed and wires will be run underground in an attempt to “tone it down.”
Niles administrators have not put a time limit on selling the property, nor is anyone strongly considering a green space or other city options, Eull said.
Eull added the city has not set a price on the property but is openly listening to offers.