We are just a nation of complainers

Published 4:29 am Wednesday, April 5, 2006

By Staff
My two cats have really been bugging me lately. They dash to the kitchen and stand in front of their matching bowls begging me to refill them.
I was confused as to why they seemed to want more than usual until I glanced at the bag this morning and saw I had a purchased the same brand, but it was a weight control formula.
They must feel the same way I do when I eat one of those microwave dinners with under 300 calories.
A few hours later I am back in the kitchen looking through the cupboards seeing what else I can find.
A study on work environments has shown what many employees believe, really isn't true.
The sneezing, coughing and other health related symptoms probably aren't due to the ventilation systems, but could be work related as they are due to the stress of the job.
One of my co-workers has a dainty little sneeze, while my own causes “God bless yous” which come from the other end of the building.
I appreciate the comments I received from last week's column. I have been reassured that strange things do not happen to me alone.
In fact, I believe most people are alike much more alike than we think. Which makes me wonder why people throughout the world continue to fight or worry over meaningless matters.
When I fill up my gas tank this afternoon, I will be griping with the best of them at the new increase in gas prices, which continue to edge toward the three dollar mark.
Still I am old enough to remember in the early to mid 70s when we waited in line to fill up our cars and then there were often restrictions on how much you could purchase. Often there were 20 or 30 cars in a line.
With today's inflation, gas really hasn't gone up all that much. Look at the prices of tennis shoes and jeans.
I was looking in a fancy magazine this weekend while in Chicago recruiting at a job fair. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. There were photos of classy shoes and purses for spring.
These bags were embellished with maybe stones or buttons. Still I couldn't believe the price tags which were close to $1,500.
I still remember when my girl friend from high school used to buy those accessories for $50 and I thought she was nuts.
Look at the price of vehicles - now the price of what our parents paid for their house.
If some things have gone up so much, why do we continue to harp so much on gasoline. I hardly ever hear people talk about the price of milk, which I have paid $3 for a gallon.
Oh well, some things never change. Maybe it is good we have things to complain about.