Column: Controlling stress at work

Published 12:48 am Tuesday, March 14, 2006

By Staff
No matter what job you do, there can always be points where you feel stress. Whether it is a nagging boss, pressure to meet a deadline, overload of work or just too many interruptions, stress at the workplace can come from many different sources.
Stress can turn into a major part of someone's life, which can eventually turn into job burnout. Job burnout can cause a person to become unhappy at the workplace and less productive. They may get aggravated more easily and not seem to care. Being stressed out at work can also affect your personal life.
Before this happens, lets look at some ways to focus on a less stressful work environment.
1. Do not make work your life
If all you do is worry about work and have no time for a life with your family and friends then no wonder you are stressed out and burned out. You have to leave some things for the next day. When people are asked to rate the top things that are most important in their lives they usually say their faith and family. Then why is most of their time and energy spent at their job?
2. Avoid negative people and try to look for people who are positive
Day after day you are around people who are negative about everyone and everything or who gossip all of the time. After awhile it wears on a person. You may start to feel stressed out and these people will start to bring you down. The best thing to do is try to be around people who are positive. Being around positive people will help you be positive. After being around negative people all the time you may start to be just like them.
3. Control your anger
One way to get yourself real stressed out is to argue all of the time. Sure there are people who you do not agree with or the employee who never listens to a word you say, but by getting mad, all it does is get you all worked up. Try to keep a cool head and pick your battles wisely.
4. Time management
For most of us we battle with time management everyday. We are rushing here and there and still feel like nothing has been accomplished. Each day you need to plot out exactly what has to be done. Rank it in order of most to least important. Do not procrastinate on the important things that have to get done. There is nothing worse than the feeling you get when something important is due and you have waited until the last minute to scurry around and do it. Like I said in number one, if you can not get it all done today take a deep breath and tell yourself it is OK to wait until tomorrow to do some of the smaller things.
5. Communication
Lack of communication in the workplace (even at home) can cause major stress. By not communicating with each other then you are left “out of the loop” and no one knows what is going on. Frustrations build up and eventually there is a full-blown argument because there was never any communication. Express your feelings and ideas.
6. Exercise
If you just can't seem to escape the stress of work, bring a pair of shoes and on your lunch break take a walk outside. When you are done you will be refreshed for the rest of the day. Or, instead of brining the stress home to your family, stop at the YMCA after work and workout your frustrations there. It will help clear your mind for a peaceful night.
These are just a few of many ways to help relieve stress at the workplace. Taking time to really look at yourself and find out where your stress comes from is the first step to eliminating it.
Thought of the week: Resolve to be cheerful and helpful. People will repay you in kind.
-Llyod Shearer
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