Don’t be taken in by scams

Published 11:42 pm Wednesday, March 8, 2006

By Staff
Where there are trusting people, there will also be those who would take advantage.
If you use the internet, please think about your response to emails which are asking you to verify or update personal information.
If you do have an account with a bank, or other financial institution, they will not be asking you for this information over the internet. Do not believe these threats. How can they put a hold on your funds - do you even have an account with this institution?
Think first. If it is a legitimate request, you will be receiving confirmation by phone or letter. Even then, be skeptical.
If you are told you just won a lottery and due to receive a huge sum, after you give some money first - don't believe it.
What sounds too good to be true - usually is. Don't be taken in by these scams.
If a scammer sent out 200,000 requests for personal information, or money, even a small return of less than five percent would keep him or her in this line of nonwork.
Help the police should you be the victim of some scam or another, report it to the police. Don't be ashamed and feel the need to hide your mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. Maybe by reporting the incident the scammer could be apprehended.
Protect your identity and don't be forced into a quick decision.
Also our elderly need to be helped to be kept from falling into schemes which could steal their life's savings.
Ask your parents or senior neighbors if they are aware of these scams and what they would do if approached by someone who wishes to do repairs around their home, but has no reputation in the commnity.
Become informed and don't be taken in.