Bucks send four to state finals

Published 10:06 pm Monday, February 27, 2006

By By SCOTT NOVAK / Niles Daily Star
DELTON - Division 3 regional team champion Buchanan advanced four wrestlers to the State finals to be held in two weeks at the Palace of Auburn Hills.
Todd Taylor (42-6), Travis Reith (47-4) and Jim Connors (42-11) all finished third on Saturday, while Nick Wheetley (46-7) was fourth.
Also competing for the Bucks on Saturday, but not advancing were Tony Taylor (32-14), David Medlin (33-8), Auston Ferris (40-9) and A.J. Long (37-20).
Reith defeated Vermontville-Maple Valley's Jamie Corwin in the consolation finals, 12-1. Reith was 3-1 on the day, defeating Zack Davis of Wyoming Park (2:52) and Jordon Morton of Hopkins (3:29). Miles Freed of Central Montcalm in the semifinals defeated Reith, 7-2.
Connors defeated Justin Hengst of Zeeland West, 6-2 in the consolation finals. Connors was also 3-1 on the day.
He defeated John Duck of Wyoming Godwin Heights (11-8) and Jim Fein of Edwardsburg (7-3). Connors lost to Brian VanHouten of Allendale in the semifinals, 12-1.
Todd Taylor defeated Cody Carpenter of Muskegon Orchard View in the consolation finals, 6-2.
Like Reith and Connors, Taylor was 3-1 on the day. He defeated Carpenter in the opening round (9-2) and Huston Harrison of Coloma (2-1). He lost in the semifinals to Steve Lampert of Ada Forest Hills Eastern (7-2).
Wheetley went 2-2 on the day, losing in the consolation finals to Anthony Moore of Coloma, 14-10.
Wheetley defeated Mike Roth of Ada Forest Hills Eastern (10-5) and Raven Scurlock of Vermontville-Maple Valley (3:47). He lost in the semifinals to Dave Otten of Allendale (1:22).
Reith, Medlin and Connors are all seniors, while Wheetley, Long and Todd Taylor are all juniors. Ferris and Tony Taylor are a sophomore and a freshman respectively.
Senior Tony Stewart was the lone Dowagiac wrestler to advance to the Division 3 state wrestling finals to be held March 9-11.
Stewart was one of seven Chieftain grapplers to advance to the regional tournament held Saturday at Delton-Kellogg High School.
Stewart (45-10) finished second at 275-pounds.
Stewart went 2-1 on the day, losing to undefeated Tim Ofield of Ada Forest Hills Eastern in the championship match.
Ofield pinned Stewart in 2:41 to remain undefeated.
The senior heavyweight reached the finals with a pin of Robert Pittman of Newaygo in the opening round and then a 6-4 decision over David Ellefson of Wyoming Park in the semifinals.
Stewart pinned Pittman in the opening round in 1:08.
Cottrell went 0-2 on the day at 112-pounds to finish the season at 40-16.
Edwardsburg took four wrestlers to the regional tournament, but failed to advance any of them.
Richard Krasson (19-23), Matt Peters (36-9) and Chris Ake (16-15) were all 0-2 on the day.
Jim Fein (38-13) was 1-2 on the day, defeating Nate Schemenauer of Coloma in the consolation quarterfinals with a pin at the 2:38 mark of the bout.
Fein is a senior, while Peters and Ake are both juniors. Krasson is a freshman.
Division 2
The Niles varsity wrestling team did not advance any wrestlers to the Division 2 state finals.
The Vikings took five grapplers to the regional tournament held on Saturday at Comstock High School.
Competing but not advancing were Jake Glueckert (43-7), Mason Stephenson (41-9), Todd Scansen (41-8), Derek Purcell (12-12) and Chad Nichols (33-13).
Glueckert won his first match and then lost the next two bouts at 112-pounds.
Stephenson also won his opening round match at 135-pounds before falling twice.
Scansen and Purcell both were 0-2 on the day, while Nichols dropped his first match and then won in the consolation quarterfinals before being eliminated in the semifinals.
Glueckert defeated Shane Schnepp of Eaton Rapids, 9-4, while Stephenson defeated Jordan Herrera of Mason, 9-6.
Nichols defeated Josh Droppers of Portage Northern by injury default.
Division 4
The Brandywine Bobcats had three wrestlers advance to the state finals.
Adam Simons, Jeremy Hechtl and Aaron Edquist will all travel to the Palace of Auburn Hills March 9-11.
Simons finished in second place in the 189-pound weight class when he was pinned by Martin's Chris Darrow.
Hechtl took fourth place in the 215-pound class when he was decisioned by Covert's Marcileno Nunez, 11-4.
Edquist finished fourth place in the 275-pound class when he was pinned by Martin's Josh Steele.
Division 4 Regional
at Bangor
Final Round
Weight: 103
Kevin Davis (EC) p. Cameron Serba (D), :53
TJ Berridg (M) p. Dustin McMullin (RV), 1:26
Weight: 112
John Stein (RV) p. Dustin Noell (BR), :57
Drew Ferry (BR) p. Chris Deneau (A), 3:34
Weight: 119
Chas Burtchett (H) p. Adam Ibbotson (WP), 2:10
Shaun McDowell (CO) d. Lucas Moore (A), 13-1
Weight: 125
Dusten Burrows (BA) d. Vince Carango (L), 7-5
Tim Dunham (CS) d. Aaron Losinski (BR), 2:14
Weight: 130
Bobby Burson (G) p. Brett Golliher (D), 3:45
Jeff Salmon (M) d. Ben Efting (H), 10-2
Weight: 135
Hector Solis (BA) d. Drew Gilroy (A), 7-0
Steve Mena (M) d. Tyler Kelley (B), 14-2
Weight: 140
Zac Chantrenne (BR) d. TJ Baldwin (A), 4-2
Seth Conley (M) d. Nate Beilby (CS), 18-7
Weight: 145
John McCoy (CA) d. Devin Bloom (UC), 9-7
Cody Peckham (M) p. Anthony Klingler (BR), 3:04
Weight: 152
Matt Johnson (D) d. Coty Marcoux (D), 3-1
Zach Hettinger (M) p. Shane Schoneboom (BR) 1:31
Weight: 160
Robert Hall (D) d. Kris VanCleave (GA), 7-3
Darrick Parker (BA) d. Justin Pickford (A), 8-4
Weight: 171
Tim Morrissey (RV) p. Chris Behnke (O), 2:02
Brandon Shull (BR) d. Mike Baker (CO), 8-2
Weight: 189
Robert Nottoli (CO) d. Ben Isbrecht (W), 15-6
Chris Darrow (M) p. Adam Simons (BW), 2:43
Weight: 215
Marcileno Nunez (COV) d. Jeremy Hechtl (BW), 11-4
Jordan Rasmussen (D) p. Todd Casselman (CO), :49
Weight: 275
Josh Steele (M) p. Aaron Edquist (BW), 1:30
Mike Middaugh (WP) d. Brad Wing (W), 16-11
A - Athens
BA - Bangor
BR - Bronson
BW - Brandywine
CA - Cassopolis
CO - Constantine
COV – Covert
CS - Climax Scotts
D - Decatur
EC - Eau Claire
GA - Galesburg-Augusta
GO – Gobles
H - Hartford
L - Lawton
M - Martin
RV - River Valley
UC - Union City
W - Watervliet
WP _ White Pigeon
Division 2 Regional
at Comstock
Final Round
Weight: 103
Colin Stivers (KC) d. Matt Watson (H), 2-1
Craig Eifert (M) d. R.J. Morgan (H), 14-8
Weight: 112
Zach Crim (HAS) d. Steve Poffenberger (A), 11-7
Mark Harris (BCL) d. Mike LeHolm (JNW), 11-5
Weight: 119
Adam Wilson (BCL) d. Garrett Rozeboom (M), 9-5
Josh Dormer (ER) d. Max Smith (S), 14-1
Weight: 125
Taylor Misel (TR) d. Howard Tobochnik (LN), 16-3
Dalton Smith (P) d. Kyle Hammermeister (L), 17-4
Weight: 130
Rusty Burgdorf (H) d. Mike Mulholland (M), 10-4
Jeffrey Steele (P) d. Thomas Renner (C) 7-0
Weight: 135
Jordan Herrera (M) d. Brandon Robison (ER), 10-1
Ryan Lucas (TR) d. Devin Milheim (ER), 12-6
Weight: 140
Martin Bell (ER) d. Josh Jackson (L), 9-1
Nathan Beyer (HAS) d. Greg Courtney (A), 10-8
Weight: 145
Jeff Chambers (PW) p. Jamie Lamberty (P), 3:34
Jared Nabors (KC) d. LJ Helbig (M), 3-2
Weight: 152
Steve Case (H) d. Tyler Caron (A), 5-1
Blake Birmingham (BCL) p. Brad LeValley (L), 1:10
Weight: 160
Jeremiah Craft (M) d. Nick Benton (HAS), 9-5
Cameron Simaz (A) d. Jacob Burge (M), 6-5
Weight: 171
Larry Barlow (P) d. Brandon Rhodes (A), 5-3
Craig Wimbley (KC) d. Matt Wittmann (L), 8-7
Weight: 189
Mike Morehouse (H) d. Mike McGiveron (D), 7-4
Ed Phillips (LOL) d. Zack Jones (TR), 10-3
Weight: 215
Justin Roberson (H) d. Logan Klug (SJ), 6-1
Dan Craig (A) p. Cullen Salada (BCL), 2:48
Weight: 275
Corey Bedes (M) d. John Barrett (C), 8-1
Joe Rizgallah (A) d. Cody DuPont (LOL), 3-2
A - Allegan
BCL - Battle Creek Lakeview
C - Coldwater
D - DeWitt
ER - Eaton Rapids
H - Hastings
HAS - Haslett
JNW - Jackson-Northwest
KC - Kalamazoo Central
L – Lakeshore
LOL - Lake Odessa-Lakewood
M - Mason
PW - Parma Western
P - Plainwell
SJ - St. Joseph
S - Sturgis
TR - Three Rivers
Division 3 Regional
at Delton-Kellogg
Final Round
Weight: 103
Scott Russo (WC) p. Sam Corradini (O), :48
Brandon Richter (FHE) p. Ron Smith (MV), 1:23
Weight: 112
Todd Taylor (BU) d. Cody Carpenter (OV), 6-2
Elijah Troost (CP) d. Steve Lambert (FHE), 7-3
Weight: 119
Scott Troost (CP) d. Jake Potyraj (WP), 5-3
Wayne Bogue (CM) d. Tyler Greenfield (MV), 22-8
Weight: 125
Anthony Moore (CO) d. Nick Wheetley (BU), 14-10
Dave Otten (A) d. Ryan Brown (P), 6-2
Weight: 130
Travis Reith (BU) d. Jamie Corwin (MV), 12-1
Mitch Reatini (A) d. Miles Freed (CM), 4-3
Weight: 135
Andress Alcauter (SH) d. Cody Groeneveld (A), 6-2
Kyle Lund (L) d. Chris Porter (CM), 8-5
Weight: 140
Kyle Froehlich (BS) p. Jeff Harrell (B), 1:51
Michael Jackson (SH) d. Ruben Zuniga (SH), 7-2
Weight: 145
Ryan Rhoads (B) d. Ryan Simonson (WP), 12-8
David Johnson (TC) d. Josh Newman (L), 7-1
Weight: 152
Dan Brown (GH) d. Travis Scott (B), 12-10
Kamron Jackson (SH) p. Stefan Simons (WP), 1:13
Weight: 160
John Pasikowski (WC) p. Kinian Mack (H), 2:12
Drakkar Klose (SH) d. Alec Gingrich (CP), 13-5
Weight: 171
Tyler Johnson (CP) d. Kyle Merryman (ZW), 8-1
Celic Bell (SH) p. Daraill Purnell (CP), 3:07
Weight: 189
Jim Connors (BU) d. Justin Hengst (ZW), 6-2
Brian VanHouten (A) d. Jeff Wright (CM, 7-5 OT
Weight: 215
Tyler Town (O) p. Mat Thomas (B), 2:54
Jesse Martin (CO) d. Chris Runyon (A), 8-6
Weight: 275
David Harding (SH) d. David Ellefson (WP), 9-4
Tim Ofield (FHE) p. Tony Stewart (D), 2:41
A- Allendale
B- Belding
BS - Berrien Springs
BU - Buchanan
CM - Central Montcalm
CO - Coloma
CP - Comstock Park
D - Dowagiac
FHE - Forest Hills Eastern
GH - Godwin Heights
H - Hopkins
L - Lakeview
MV - Vermontville-Maple Valley
OV - Muskegon Orchard View
O - Otsego
P - Parchment
SH - South Haven
TC - Howard City Tri-County
WP - Wyoming Park
ZW - Zeeland West