Winter Olympics spectators ready

Published 7:36 pm Friday, February 10, 2006

By By RYAN STEWART / Niles Daily Star
NILES - Only once every four years does the world get to take part in watching the Olympic Winter Games. For the next two weeks, the 20th Winter Olympics are being held in Torino, Italy. Over 2,500 athletes from 84 different countries will be competing.
Eight people in Niles Thursday expressed their interest in the games that began Friday evening with the opening ceremonies and presentation of the Olympic torch.
Most of the people questioned said that they were planning on watching at least some of the events.
If the eight interviewees are any indication of what the rest of the country prefers, ice skating and skiing are going to be the most popular events to be watched this year in Torino.
Sandra Blake of Three Oaks said she was going to try to watch if she gets the chance. She looks forward to the downhill skiing and skating because those are two sports that she has participated in before.
Kris Klubeck of Niles said that he was planning to watch the Olympics, “If I have time and I'm not in class or at work.”
Joe Evans of Cassopolis said, “Of course,” he was going to watch.
Siblings, Ashley and Gary Hogan, of Niles, both said that they are more interested in the summer games than the winter games.
Most of the interviewees said that they usually watch at least some of the Olympics when they are on TV every two years. Though, Nick Fortune of Buchanan said he only watches the Olympics once in a while.
None of the eight had ever been to Italy before, but two had been to Olympic events before.
Evans said that he was on vacation in Atlanta when the 1996 Summer Olympics were taking place. He was able to see some track and field events as well as some shooting events.
Her brother Gary is actually active with the Special Olympics, where he's been a basketball player for the last three or four years.