Column: They wore pink and were proud of it

Published 2:59 pm Friday, January 13, 2006

By Staff
Thursday evenings wrestling match between Niles and Lakeshore is one that I will never forget.
I've covered a lot of exciting games, I‘ve even been part of some very exciting wins in my sports days, but I think this match was one of the biggest thrillers for me.
Working for the media, we are not allowed to cheer teams on or wear school colors. But last night, I couldn't contain myself. Yes, I did do a little bit of cheering for Niles. What can I say, I am a former Viking.
From the moment I walked in the gym until the time I left, I was nervous, anxious and excited for Niles to get the win.
I know I speak for a lot of people when I say that Lakeshore fans can get pretty carried away!
For those of you that were at the game, you probably heard why Niles fans were wearing pink.
For those who weren't, let me explain.
No, it wasn't an early celebration of Valentine's Day.
Recently on the MLive website, someone, apparently from Lakeshore, made some comments about Niles' 135-pound wrestler, Mason Stephenson.
They poked fun at the fact that he wears pink and goes tanning.
So, at Thursday's match, Niles students and some parents, wore pink and held signs that said “Tough enough to wear pink and tan.”
Hopefully, this was a lesson learned to Lakeshore fans that trash talking will only make your opponent more fired up and focused to defeat you. Nice try though Lancers. What's the next plan?
I was sitting by the scoreboard, so I was able to see the crowd. I caught myself laughing at some of the fans on Lakeshore's side throughout the night. They were getting so mad when Niles was winning. Stomping their feet, crossing their arms and throwing their hands in the air….I loved it.
So, a HUGE congratulations to the Niles wrestlers and their fans. Not only did you make a statement on the mat and in the stands, but you sent Lakeshore home wishing they would have never started any drama. Hey, what goes around, comes around.
Something that really disappointed me with Lakeshore was their sportsmanship.
People were very disappointed with the way they presented themselves and the way some of the wrestlers responded to the loss.
These two teams will meet again in the district tournament and if you have a chance, I would recommend taking a trip to see this match. I'm sure it will be another battle.
Ok, I've said what I had to say.
Congratulations again Niles, you deserved that win more than anything. Your true colors really came out, and I'm not talking the pink ones.
Keep up the hard work and I think we just may see a big trophy pretty soon!