Miss Buchanan crowned tonight

Published 1:49 pm Saturday, January 7, 2006

By Staff
BUCHANAN - Miss Buchanan Pageant, “Havin' A Party” will be held on Saturday, Jan. 7, at 7 p.m. (doors open at 6) at the Buchanan High School Auxiliary Gym.
Tickets are available from the contestants for $10 each,. or at the door for $12. A Coronation Ball will follow the pageant at the American Legion. Tickets will be $5 at the door.
In the next few days we will profile the 18 candidates for the title of Miss Buchanan 2006. Contestants 13 through 18 for this year's Miss Buchanan include:
Leteshia Shannon
Contestant No. 13, Leteshia Shannon, 18, is the daughter of Veronica Haynes.
Her two sisters are Zariah Haynes and Unique Hinds.
Activities she is currently involved in are track, softball, Student Council and helping with choir.
Leteshia said of her future, “I plan on attending K.V.C.C. to get my basics, then transfer to Western to be a coach/massage therapy.”
She has received recognition as a church helper and the HOBY leadership program.
Of her hobbies, she said, “I love helping little kids and having fun with my friends. And going shoe shopping.”
She decided to enter the Miss Buchanan Contest because she has always wanted the chance to help represent her community the best way she can and to have fun with her senior classmates one last time.
Angela Cook
Contestant No. 14, Angela Cook, 18, is the daughter of Aaron and Christine Cook.
Her brother is Jonathan and her sister is Alicia Monteiro.
Currently she is involved in the band as a trumpet player and also attends the Professional Health Careers Academy.
After graduating, she said, “I plan to attend LMC for two years and then transfer to a University to further study nursing.”
Angela was chosen to be a student at the PHCA which is a very selective process. She has also received numerous band awards.
She said of her hobbies, “I love to read, write and draw. Arts and crafts of various sorts also are enjoyable to me.”
She entered the Miss Buchanan Contest because, “I would like to be more involved in the community. This is also my last year of high school and I would like to make it as memorable as possible.”
Tracey Wreggelsworth
Contestant No.15, Tracey Wreggelsworth, 17, is the daughter of Fred and Anna Wreggelsworth.
She has one brother, Matt and three sisters, Racheal, Tami and Jenny.
She is involved in Student Council and Redbud Chorale.
Tracey said, of her plans after graduating, “To go to college for a degree in Elementary Education.”
She was awarded perfect attendance for the years of 2002 and 2003.
Her hobbies are reading, shopping, listening to music, hanging with friends and working with kids.
When asked why she entered the contest, she said, “My sister did it and won while having fun. So, I think that it would just be really fun to hang out with my classmate girls.”
Callie Baumgart
Contestant No. 16, Callie Baumgart, 17, is the daughter of Chad and Deborah Baumgart.
She has a brother and sister, Cade and Sacha.
Previously, she's been involved in soccer, choir, Prom Committee and the Homecoming Float.
When asked of her future plans, she said, “Attend a college or university to major in physical therapy and minor in athletic training.”
Callie gained recognition for participating in Lakeland Conference-Fine Arts Conference.
Her hobbies are snowmobiling, shopping, coaching soccer for a team of 5 year-olds, spending time with her family and working with special needs children.
She entered the Miss Buchanan Contest because of her family as well as a personal goal to compete in the pageant.
Rebecca Ritter
Contestant No. 17, Rebecca Ritter, 17, is the daughter of Todd and Carol Ritter.
She has one sister, Sarah.
For four years, she has been the Feature Twirler for the marching band and a member of the Holiday band. She is also a member of her youth group.
When asked of her future, she said, “I am planning on attending either Albion or Hope college to major in Journalism and minor in dance.”
Rebecca has won numerous awards in Baton Twirling including state titles and received a silver award in Girl Scouts.
Her hobbies are dancing (ballet, jazz, twirling), teaching younger girls baton, writing and hanging out with friends and family.
Rebecca said she entered the contest because, “I have heard all the girls from the past years tell stories about how great of an experience it was to go out for Miss Buchanan. I also watched Miss Blossomtime pageants and they look like they would be a fun and exciting experience.”
Heather Coger
Contestant No. 18, Heather Coger, 17, is the daughter of Richard and Joan Coger.
She has one brother, Rick.
She is currently involved in marching and Holiday band and the National Honor Society.
Her plans after graduating: “I plan to attend Lake Michigan College for two years, then transfer to Michigan State University to study Veterinary practice.”
Heather has received both Merit awards for the MEAP.
Her hobbies include reading, writing poetry, riding horses, talking on the computer, movies and hanging out with friends.
When asked why she entered the Miss Buchanan Contest, she said, “I entered last year, and friends and family have encouraged me to go out for it again because I had a lot of fun and it was also a great experience.”
The other 12 contestants for Miss Buchanan, who were profiled in Thursday and Friday's Niles Daily Star include:
Contestant No. 1, Erin Martin, 17, the daughter of Jim and Janet Martin.
Contestant No. 3, Laura Kulis, 18, the daughter of Leonard and Kathleen Kulis.
Contestant No. 5, Nicole Moyer, 17, the daughter of Kim and Joan Moyer.
Contestant No. 7, Ellen Siemon, 17, the daughter of Bill and Lynne Siemon.
Contestant No. 8, Chenai Marker, 17, the daughter of Al and Mary Marker.
Contestant No. 9, Holly Dunivan, 17, the daughter of Donald Dunivan and Therese Secor.
Contestant No. 10, Jaymi Fuller, 17, the daughter of Lisa Garmire.
Contestant No. 11, Anna Ferris, 17, the daughter of Danny and Jenny Ferris.
Contestant No. 12, Katrina DeRossi, 18, the daughter of Jeff and Sharon Robbins.