Column: Following your instincts

Published 1:44 pm Friday, January 6, 2006

By Staff
What was my strategy? My gut to be completely honest.
If it wasn't for that first two weeks of football forecasters, I probably wouldn't have been anywhere near to my ending record.
I like sports, but don't really follow college or pro like I should. I've said before that most of the games I watch are about 30 seconds long because they are the news wrap ups. Except if it is a big game, then I'll tune in.
So how I came to win the Football Forecasters is beyond me. My only answer would have to be gut instinct.
From the first week I had no idea who to choose to win games. I don't follow college football, only Notre Dame and Michigan really. I had no idea who was going to be good this year, I didn't watch any of the preseason speculations. So I went with my gut and - as goofy as it sounds - I went with which team or state I liked better. And that's how it started and that was my strategy.
Of course, as the season went on I had an idea of which teams were better, but I was still pretty clueless on a lot of them.
Not too bad for my first year of forecasting!
I've had quite a few laughs at games or family events when people as “How is it that you are a girl and you're beating men who watch football and even coach it?”
Just luck I guess!
Thanks to all of the forecasters who participated this year. I look forward to seeing you all again next season.
When football season rolls around again, we will be having another contest for the 12th forecaster. So be sure to look out for the notice in the Niles Daily Star this fall.

We are back in action full swing tonight as Niles, Brandywine and Buchanan's basketball teams all have home games.
The Vikings will host Lakeshore, the Bobcats will take on Coloma and the Bucks will meet with Cassopolis.
Tonight is also the JV matches of the Berrien County Meet. This year it is being held at St. Joseph High School.
Match times begin at 5 p.m.
The varsity teams will compete on Saturday beginning at 10 a.m.
All of our local teams will be in attendance.

Ever wondered what it would be like to work in the media? Why not give it a try!
We are looking for individuals who are interested in becoming freelance sports writers and photographers.
Interested individuals will cover events at Niles, Brandywine or Buchanan schools.
This is not only a great opportunity, but it gives you a chance to get to know the community and the great people in it.
I started here as a freelancer in 2004 and look at where I am now!
Contact me if you are interested.
You can call 687-7703 or e-mail me at the address given below.
The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!
-Marvin Phillips