Column: What a year it has been

Published 12:31 pm Friday, December 30, 2005

By Staff
What a year this has been! Where do I even begin?
When looking back at 2005, it has just been an up and down year. Things go great for a while, then tragedy strikes. Things begin to look forward and BAM, we're hit with another tragedy. That seemed to be the cycle.
Although I do try to look at all of the positives of this year, I believe the negatives have outweighed them and while I did enjoy 2005, I'm hoping that 2006 can help repair the damage left on so many people this year.
Mother Nature exploded
I think the main story that comes to everyone's mind about 2005 was the weather.
There were a total of 26 named storms this year and 13 hurricanes. Meteorologists used up the list of 21 proper names and had to resort to the Greek alphabet.
Everyone was touched by these devastating storms, even if they didn't know anyone who was affected by them.
Watching a story of just one victim made most of us cry. Their lives will never be the same.
Yet, I hear they will go on with Mardi Gras…hmmmm.
At first I was a little mad when I heard that, but after thinking about it,what a great idea!
That city could see a record breaking year of tourist. People wanting to see how the city looks and the damage Katrina left or just avid Mardi Gras partiers returning for another year of fun.
Whatever the case, that could draw a lot of money to New Orleans, which would be another big help in repairing the city.
The faces of the court room
Well, we have Scott Peterson, Martha Stewart, Michael Jackson…yeah, yeah yeah.
Isn't funny what a court room can do to you?
Stewart now has her own talk show, hosts the Apprentice and is making more money than she did before.
Peterson receives at least 100 letters in the mail a day for marriage proposals and people who are just infatuated with him. I'm sorry, but if you feel the need to marry this man…you may need help, lets just put it that way.
After I saw a story about Peterson and all of his so called “fan mail” they talked about how people can actually get online and e-mail men and women who are behind bars. People form relationships, send pictures and even visit their new “jail mates.” What is this world coming to?
And then there's Jackson…well I haven't heard much from him.
I've always been a fan of his and continue to pop the Bad and Thriller cd's in my cd player every once in a while.
Danger in Paradise
The disappearance of Natalee Holloway is a reminder that young people need to remain vigilant even when on vacation.
My first thought when I heard this story was that she was kidnapped and probably not alive.
Then my suspicions grew even more when I saw the move Human Trafficking on Lifetime and saw Natalee's mother on Dr. Phil.
It is very possible that Natalee is the victim of human trafficking, the disgusting underworld that packs in big bucks every year by selling young boys and girls for certain reasons.
Let's hope this story has a happy ending in 2006.
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