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Published 12:11 pm Thursday, December 29, 2005

By Staff
I received one Christmas present I have wanted ever since I was a little girl and my grandmother told me of her dream book. Unfortunately her book had been thrown out many years before.
Not that I believe “The Ultimate Dream Decoder” will be the definitive answer to what my dreams mean, I expect I may unlock a few puzzles of recurring dreams.
The cover indicates the book will reveal “the secrets of your subconscious mind.”
When we were all together for Christmas nearly everyone said they dream of teeth.
One said he used to dream his teeth were crumbling and falling out.
Turning to page 50, sure enough there was a paragraph on anxiety dreams just as my son had described. Apparently this is a common dream.
One simple explanation they offered is that the dream came from the fact they were actually grinding their teeth as they slept and their unconscious mind incorporated this into the dream.
The grinding could actually be caused by stress during the day.
Tooth pain in a dream could also signify feelings of anxiety about a life change, divorce, death in the family or other major event.
Have you ever dreamed about someone who is dead?
I saw my father after he died in a dream only once. It was quite a few years after his death. He was in a flannel shirt sitting in a chair next to me.
The entire scene was quite peaceful and relaxed. He turned to me and asked about the children. I felt he was happy, no longer in pain or uncomfortable.
My new dream book also assured the reader all ghost dreams are not scary. Some can be reassuring and help us accept the fact that though we don't know what life after death may bring, there is the possibility it will be pleasant.
The fact he appeared in my dream could have been because an anniversary such as his birthday or death was coming up, or even that I had seen someone who looked like him.
Not all dreams are as peaceful and pleasant as the one where I visited with my father.
Some dreams leave you breathless and dripping with sweat, almost afraid to drift back to sleep.
Often I have had a dream in which I am being chased.
The book listed this as one of the most common and universal anxiety dreams.
If the person chasing you was a stranger, the book suggests the pursuer could be an aspect of yourself from which you are escaping.
If you recognize the person who is chasing you, it could be you feel threatened by this person.
Though I have never failed to return a library book, that dream was repeated through much of my life. Also the dream of being late for work is one I have had often.
I think I have failed to set my alarm. I look at the clock by the side of my bed and panic.
When I actually do wake up and see I still have time to sleep before I must get up the panic subsides.
The interpretation in the book is probably really true. They suggest my waking moments are in a constant state of movement, and that I probably take on more than I can possibly handle. No doubt.