Volunteer effort will rebuild town

Published 11:36 am Monday, December 26, 2005

By Staff
LANSING - Rep. Neal Nitz and his House Republican colleagues Friday unveiled a legislative volunteer effort to travel to the city of Pass Christian in Mississippi, Jan. 8 through Jan. 14, to help rebuild the city that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina.
Like many communities across the Gulf Coast, the town of Pass Christian, Miss. suffered extensive damage from the storm. Approximately 75 percent of housing and 100 percent of the businesses were destroyed.
Nitz and eight other representatives from around the state will participate in a variety of activities including, clearing brush and debris from homes; mucking out and disinfecting homes; putting up new insulation and drywall and staffing the city's local temporary housing authority.
Five gallon container with lid
Rubber gloves
Rubber boots (optional)
Cotton liner gloves
Respirator and extra filters
Safety glasses
Hard hat
Clothes that can be thrown away or medical scrubs (optional)
The buckets can be dropped off at Buchanan City Hall or at Dowagiac City Hall, until Jan. 6.