Bobcat wrestlers shine at Team Duals Saturday

Published 9:23 am Monday, December 12, 2005

By By ERIKA PICKLES / Niles Daily Star
NILES - Brandywine's varsity wrestling team hosted a Team Duals tournament Saturday and posted a perfect 5-0 record on the day.
Marcellus went 4-1, losing its only match to the Bobcats, Benton Harbor Countryside went 3-2, Lawrence went 2-3, Benton Harbor went 1-4 and Centreville went 0-5.
Outstanding individuals who posted perfect 5-0 records were Bryon Fisher, Pat VanLaere, Chase Molica, Warren Watson, Justin Price, Adam Simons, Jeremy Hechtl and Aaron Edquist all of Brandywine.
Going 4-1 for the Bobcats were Joel Perry, Brian Kirsher and Kyle Jones.
In match results, Brandywine defeated Lawrence 84-0; Centreville 84-0; Benton Harbor 75-6; Benton Harbor Countryside 60-21; and Marcellus 48-26.
The Bobcats will return to action on the road Wednesday when they face Gobles/Bangor at 6 p.m.
Match results
Marcellus vs. Benton Harbor, 72-9
Brandywine vs. Lawrence, 84-0
Centreville vs. Benton Harbor Countryside,
Marcellus vs. Benton Harbor Countryside,
Brandywine vs. Centreville, 84-0
Benton Harbor vs. Lawrence, 27-42
Centreville vs. Marcellus, 0-84
Brandywine vs. Benton Harbor, 75-6
Lawrence vs. Benton Harbor Countryside,
Marcellus vs. Lawrence, 69-6
Brandywine vs. Benton Harbor Countryside,
Centreville vs. Benton Harbor, 12-42
Centreville vs. Lawrence, 0-66
Brandywine vs. Marcellus, 48-26
Benton Harbor vs. Benton Harbor
Countryside, 18-58
Brandywine 5-0
Marcellus 4-1
Benton Harbor Countryside 3-2
Lawrence 2-3
Benton Harbor 1-4
Centreville 0-5
Outstanding Individuals
5-0 records
Bryon Fisher, Pat VanLaere, Chase Molica, Warren Watson, Justin Price, Adam Simons, Jeremy Hechtl, Aaron Edquist
Max Strokes, Jake Primm, Jerry Primm, Chad Robinson
Benton Harbor/LMC
Irwin Rockette, Mike Bartels
4-1 records
Joel Perry, Brian Kirsher, Kyle Jones
Tiffany Bol, Shawn Mencl, Quintin Clark, Joe Nichols, Jarrod Nailey, Bill Kirk
Benton Harbor
Monteeze Johnson
Nick Peterson
Benton Harbor Countryside/LMC
Ben Bryan, Anthony Rockette, Mike Cottier