Find the time to enjoy the season’s festivities

Published 8:37 am Wednesday, December 7, 2005

By Staff
Whether you hop on for the free Trolley Hop in Niles on Friday nights or take your family to see the Lights Before Christmas at Fernwood Nature Center, please take some time to actually appreciate the season.
Every community has events, decorations and activities to share with your loved ones.
Area churches also host special services.
Check out our community calendar each week to find what is happening in the area.
Sometimes we get too caught up with our “to-do” list and we miss the real message of the holidays.
Spending money on gifts can be rewarding when you see the recipient's pleasure, but so can spending time to appreciate how your community is experiencing the holidays together.
Instead of looking at your children's winter vacation as just a disruption to your normal schedule, actually think about how this time can be well spent.
Maybe a trip to a museum would be fun.
If you enjoy baking, make cookies with your children and take them to people who would appreciate this holiday treat, but may not be able to make them for themselves.
If you knit, maybe you can show your children how to make scarves and then donate some to those who have none.
Check if any of your neighbors need help shoveling their walks.
Teaching your children to give of themselves is possibly the best lasting gift you can give them.
It won't cost you much, but the rewards are great.