Vicksburg wins Niles title; Lady Eddies finish third

Published 6:03 pm Tuesday, September 6, 2005

By By SCOTT NOVAK / Vigilant/Argus
NILES - The Dowagiac varsity tennis team tied with Vicksburg on Saturday at the Niles Invitational with 10 points.
The Lady Bulldogs took home the championship trophy after beating Dowagiac four times in head-to-head competition.
Edwardsburg finished third with five points and host Niles fourth with three points.
Still, it was a great day for the Chieftains, who finished with three champions, three runners-up and a third place finish.
The format for the tournament was two singles flights and five doubles flights. The fifth doubles teams were made up of each school's No. 3 and No. 4 singles players.
Dowagiac brought home victories at No. 1 and No. 2 singles and No. 1 doubles.
Lisa Rubino defeated Niles' Annalee Nelson (6-0, 6-3) and Vicksburg's Amy Nelson (4-6, 6-1, 6-0) to win the No. 1 singles flight.
Ann O'Keefe defeated Edwardsburg's Alia Zander (6-0, 6-3) and Niles' Nicole Weber (6-0, 6-1) to win the No. 2 singles title.
Dowagiac's No. 1 doubles team of Calie Daniels and Lindsey Tyler defeated Vicksburg's Hughey and Oswalt (6-1, 6-2) and Niles' Sam Beck and Danielle Lowery (6-2, 6-4) to claim their championship.
Dowagiac's No. 2 doubles team of Ashley Smith and Kayleigh Sundman finished second after beating Niles' Heather Croteau and Patty Anton (6-2, 6-1) and losing to Vicksburg's Kennedy and Schimp (1-6, 2-6).
Kim Rutkowski and Shelly Urbanski finished second as they defeated Edwardsburg's Amanda Woodill and Lindsey Swann (6-0, 6-4) before losing in the No. 3 doubles finals to Vicksburg's Runowski/Kearns (6-1, 3-6, 1-6).
Tonya Scherer and Kate Duszynski were third at No. 4 doubles as they lost to Vicksburg's Buckhout and Kruger (1-6, 3-6), but rebounded to defeat Edwardsburg's Ally Langton and Brooke Wentz (6-3, 6-0).
Taylor Townsend and Amelia First reunited in doubles competition for Saturday and took second as they defeated Niles' Nicole Negron and Andrea Clabaugh (6-2, 6-4) but lost to Vicksburg's Haterer and Hammond (1-6, 6-7).
Overall winners
1. Lisa Rubino, Dowagiac, first place; Amy Nelson, Vicksburg, second place
2. Ann O'Keefe, Dowagiac, first place; Nicole Weber, Niles, second place.
1. Lindsay Tyler/Cali Daniels, Dowagiac, first place; Sam Beck/Danielle Lowery, Niles, second place.
2. Krystin Kennedy/Lindsey Schimp, Vicksburg, first place; Ashley Smith/Kayleigh Sudman, Dowagiac, second place.
3. Mary Runowski/Lauren Kearns, Vicksburg, first place; Kim Rutkowski/Shelly Urbanski, Dowagiac, second place.
4. Kaycee Buckhout/Allison Kruger, Vicksburg, first place; Kyra Carpenter/Sarah Rose, Niles, second place.
5. Chelsea Hostetler/Lyndsey Hammons, Vicksburg, first place; Taylor Townsend/Ameila First, Dowagiac, second place.