Demolition Derby packs fair grandstand

Published 5:22 pm Friday, August 12, 2005

By By ERIKA PICKLES / Vigilant/Argus
CASSOPOLIS - The Demolition Derbies held at the Cass County Fair this week proved to be a very popular event for local fairgoers.
The stands were packed both Monday and Thursday evenings as cars were smashed, trashed and demolished.
Here are the Demolition Derby results:
Monday's results
Heat Winners
Heat one
Mike Stockwell
Jeni Gless
Tom Lintz
Heat two
John Adams
Tony Wallace
Todd Collins
Heat three
Chad Myers
Dave Jerz
Rob Smith
Feature winners
First place – Chad Myers
Second place – Tom Lintz
Third place – Dave Jerz
Fourth place – John Adams
Mini winners
First place – Rick Born
Second place – Lloyd Myers
Third place – Steven Tucker
Fourth place – Harley McCully
Fifth place – Harold Primley
Mini Truck Winners
First place – Ryan Laylin
Second place – Rick Born
Third place – Dustin Karns
Fourth place – Bob Hartline
Fifth place – John Adams
Thursday night winners
Heat Winners
Heat one
Gary Gless
Glenn Wallace
Stoney Ottman
Heat two
Tony Wallace
Dustin Smith
Andy Crocker
Heat three
Eddie Minix
Steve Tucker
Justin Tucker
Powder Puff
Leslie Wallace
Melinda Bowers
Jeni Gless
Feature winners
First place – Tony Wallace and
Andy Crocker
Third place – Gary Gless
Fourth place – Steve Tucker
Truck winners
First place – Andy Crocker
Second place – Troy Wallace
Third place – Dave Jerz
Fourth place – Ken Wells