Qualifications are the key

Published 4:34 pm Thursday, July 21, 2005

By Staff
Isn't it about time that color or sex isn't the most important issue?
In an age where major universities have gender study departments you would think gender would take a back seat to something much more important in the choosing of a new Supreme Court judge.
The media have to take some of the blame. Ever since the resignation of the first woman on the Supreme Court, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, they have been guessing as to whether President Bush would appoint another woman.
Up until the last minute Tuesday, the thought was he would follow his wife's advice and do just that.
Instead, the choice of President Bush was not a black or Hispanic or a woman.
John G. Roberts Jr. is 50, with ties to Indiana, where he came when he was about 9. His father worked for Bethlehem Steel.
He is a conservative and has raised an alarm by those who fear his previous anti-abortion stand.
What really stands out as the media has a heyday with a new story out of Washington is how well qualified this Harvard University and Harvard Law School-educated federal appeals judge appears.
Shouldn't we be at the stage where Roberts' qualifications are the most important reason for his choice?
Time will tell how well he faces the onslaught of questions which are sure to come before his possible confirmation.
If Bush was looking at all the qualifications on his 11 candidates whose names were written down in his notebook, instead of what their faces looked like, then he made the right decision.