Traffic to return to two-way

Published 6:49 am Thursday, June 23, 2005

By Staff
NILES - Traffic is expected to be allowed in both directions beginning later today on M-51, just outside the city limits.
Concerned about the lack of construction work being done and the effect the one way traffic was having on businesses and residents outside the city limits on M-51, while drivers were being rerouted, Neil C. Coulston, Public Works Director for City of Niles, met with officials from MDOT.
Coulston found most of the work so far on the Fifth Street project, Main to Pucker street, has been done inside the city limits, while traffic has been limited to one way southbound since June 8.
Coulston expressed his concern to Mike Schultz, the MDOT inspector on the project and requested two-way traffic north of the city limit be opened, until work commences in that area.
Schultz consulting with the general contractor Northern Construction Services Corp (NCSC) of Niles, soon received approval to open up the traffic to two-way, until such time as the contractor moves into that area, which is expected to take place in the next 3 to 4 weeks. Signs will be posted that only local traffic is permitted in that area where northbound traffic is allowed.
The switch to two-way traffic, which will probably begin in the vicinity of Arnold Court and go north to Pucker Street. MDOT and the NCSC always reserve the right to switch back to one way traffic should conditions warrant.
Even after 3 or 4 weeks they hope to be able to maintain two-way traffic until the end of the project in the northern section of the project, with intermittent times when traffic is reduced to one way for short periods of time.
The section from the vicinity of Arnold Court to Main Street will remain one-way south only.