Let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water

Published 4:30 am Wednesday, June 8, 2005

By Staff
All of our area school districts, both administration and school board members, are facing maybe their greatest task.
With state funding uncertain and probably on the decline, these districts may be facing even more cuts in the coming school years.
Already, most of these districts in Cass and Berrien counties have made major cuts and are having difficulty finding any more areas which aren't already lean.
We appreciate that these administrators have worked with their staffs to seek those areas which will affect education the least.
School board members have spent hours mulling over lines in budgets which still need trimming.
While buildings need to continue to be maintained, and staff needs to be paid for the tremendous job they do teaching our young people, preparing them for the future, extra programs and activities may find themselves on the cutting room floor.
The arts, music, art, choir, drama, band and sports all contribute to the whole person.
For many young people, an interest in these activities is what will eventually lead them to an occupation or career.
So many of those students who graduated this year with their class who garnered thousands of dollars in scholarships, would not have been eligible if they had not participated in some outside normal class activities.
Let's not discount these important additions to their social lives and well-roundedness.
We trust those we elected to positions with the decision making power will keep these thoughts in mind.
Their task isn't going to be easy and we appreciate their offering their time.