Baseball league remain busy

Published 2:10 am Saturday, May 21, 2005

By By ERIKA PICKLES / Niles Daily Star
NILES - Little League baseball leagues around Niles are keeping very busy with most leagues having more than two games a night.
Cal Ripken Blue Jays on a roll
The Blue Jay's continued its winning streak Wednesday evening with a 13-2 win over the Mariners in Cal Ripken baseball action.
Kyle Duncan led the team with a home run and two singles. Tanner Bourdon had a double and two singles and Kodey Ernsperger and Bryce Vineyard each had three singles.
Alex Hardy had two doubles to lead the team for the Mariners. JJ McIntyre and Austin Layman had two singles, Austin Knapp, Nathan Kemp and Justin Tomas each had a single.
The Blue Jay's also defeated the A's 12-2 in Little League baseball action.
Tanner Bourdon led the team with two doubles and a single, Kyle Duncan also helped with one double and two singles.
Also for the Blue Jay's Blake Lerner and Toby Fox each had three hits. Dean Russo, Brandon Garrett, and Bryce Vineyard each had two singles a piece.
For the A's Cole Searles had two singles, Maranda Smallman, Peyton Pruitt, Cameron Vanderbutte, Zach Schmidt and Hunter Janowiak all had hits for the A's.
White Sox win over Angels
The White Sox defeated the Angels in five inings with a score of 11-0.
Dennis Jordan had a double and a single for the White Sox and Dalton Raymond and Kenny Laurita both had a triple and two singles.
Yankees Win Slugfest
The Niles FOP Yankees were victorious over the Orioles 18-11 in Major League action Monday night.
Daimon Cavinder was starting pitcher and went the distance for the Yankees. Leading the Yankees offensively was Tyler Parish with a double and three singles, Rashad Harris with a double and two singles, Evan Zimmerman and Jesse Wilson with a double and a single, Nicole Sly with two singles and Taylor Glick and Andrew Myers each with singles.
Nathaniel Oates was starting pitcher for the Oroles with Prescott Smith and Treg Huss coming in for relief. The Orioles were led offensively by Nathaniel Oates with a triple and three singles, Treg Huss and Prescott Smith with three singles, Jay Williams with a double and a single, and Matt Gaul with a triple.