Seeing what’s on the other side

Published 6:39 pm Saturday, March 12, 2005

By By ERIN VER BERKMOES / Niles Daily Star
NILES - Students experiencing other cultures.
Students from Brandywine High School who are involved in the Brandywine High School Dutch Exchange program will be traveling to the Netherlands from March 25 to April 8.
In October students from the Netherlands came to Brandywine and lived here for two weeks and were able to experience what life is like for people their age in the United States.
It is now the Brandywine students turn to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to the Netherlands and experience what life is like on the other side.
The students have done a number of fundraisers to help raise the money to afford the trip, and would like to thank the community, school board and many others for their support.
The students have received travel books with information about the Netherlands and gained knowledge from the Dutch students when they were here and also from different programs in school.
While in the Netherlands the students will be traveling to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and to Paris for the weekend, to Anne Frank's house, and to a cheese factory.
The students will be staying with the families of the Dutch exchange students while in the Netherlands.
The students said they are glad that they are able to have an opportunity such as this and to be able to get out of Michigan and see the world.
Brandywine High School teacher Dave Roeder who will be going with the students on their trip said, "The hope for this trip is for the students to get to see a different kind of culture other than American, and to experience the art and history of Europe."
Roeder added that this is a once in a lifetime experience that the students are getting and is glad that they are really taking advantage of it.