Four Rangers headed to state

Published 1:12 pm Friday, March 11, 2005

By By SCOTT NOVAK / Vigilant/Argus
Brandywine, Buchanan, Cassopolis and Dowagiac will be well represented at the Michigan High School Athletic Association Division 3 and Division 4 Individual Wrestling Finals beginning on Thursday at The Palace of Auburn Hills.
The individual state tournament will be held through Saturday evening.
Wrestling begins this afternoon following the Grand March at 2:30 p.m.
In Division 3, Buchanan will be represented by Todd Taylor (103), Nick Wheetley (119) and Jim Connor (189). Dowagiac will be represented by Jeromy Northrop (145) and Kyle Bennett (171).
In Division 4, Brandywine will be represented by Adam Simon (189). Cassopolis will be represented by Zach Deubner (130), Justin Tucker (135), Kenny Brown (145) and Randy Hemminger.
Division 4
Deubner, a senior, is 43-5 for the Rangers. Deubner will face Dylan Centala of Rogers City in the opening round at 130-pounds. Centala, a junior, is 48-3.
The winner will advance to face either Nathan Gonzalez of Springport (42-3) or Andre Sanson of Brown City (43-10).
Other top wrestlers at 130 are Steve Mena of Martin (51-6), Jared Kapa of Mayville (53-8), Landon Shaffer of Hudson (44-8), Jessie Kindred of Blanchard-Montabella (52-2), Charlie Lambrix of Monroe St. Mary Catholic Central (36-7) and Ryan Gump of Bronson (24-7).
Tucker, a senior, is 45-4 on the year for the Rangers. Tucker will face Matt Elston of Addison in the opening round. Elston is 46-10 on the year.
The winner will advance to face either Todd Barton of St. Louis (53-4) or Mark Ackerburg of Hesperia (41-18).
Other top wrestlers at 135-pounds are Josh Burtch of Whittemore-Prescott (54-3), Curtis Belka of Martin (41-5), Travis Ferry of Bronson (39-4), Lyle Hewitt of Montague (35-6), AJ Love of Springport (30-2), Mike Stein of River Valley (30-6) and Jesse Harwood of Marlette (41-8).
Brown, a senior, is 38-11 on the year for the Rangers. Brown will face Derick Russell of Kent City in the opening round. Russell, a junior, is 44-11 on the year.
The winner will advance to face either Ryan Confer of New Lothrop (41-9) or John Kratzer of Addison (31-21).
Hemminger, a junior, is 5-2 on the year for the Rangers. Hemminger will take on Jess Garchow of Whittemore-Prescott in the opening round. Garchow, a senior, is 50-2 on the season.
The winner will advance to face either Eddie Haynes of Hudson (29-8) or Jerico Haward of Marlette (39-6).
Other top wrestlers at 145-pounds are Justin Zeerip of Hesperia (58-0), Joey Kokenakes of Clinton (35-8), Kyle Judy of Homer (41-1) and Andrew LaLonde of Onaway (31-7).
Simon, a first year wrestler even though he is a senior, is 35-15 on the year. He will face Justin King of Addison in the opening round. King is 33-7 on the year.
The winner will advance to face either Matt Richardson of Mayville (35-12) or Devin Dumont (27-10) of Manton in the second round.
Other top wrestlers at 189-pounds are Marty Schafer of Beal City (44-6), Ray Porter of Bangor (42-9), Mike Gear of Burton Bentley (24-9), Chris Darrow of Martin (50-7), Ben Isbrecht of Watervliet (43-2) and Chris Rhode of Rogers City (50-2).
Division 3
Dowagiac's Northrop (49-2) heads to the finals as a regional champion having defeated Coloma's Jeremy Ashley in the regional finals at Hamilton two weeks ago.
Northrop will face Jordan Young of Remus Chippewa Hills in the opening round. Young, a freshman is 44-16 on the season.
The winner of that match advances to face either John Fulger of Montrose (43-6) or Josh Puchala of Flat Rock (44-6).
Other top wrestlers in that division are Adam Rowe of Dundee (35-5), Andrew Johnson of Lakeview (46-3), Ashley (39-5), Mike Maczynski of Harrison (46-4) and Jordan McKiernan of Richmond (40-7).
Northrop placed sixth last year at 145-pounds.
Taylor, a sophomore, is 39-9 on the season.
Taylor will face Chad Reiber of Chesaning in the opening round at 103-pounds. Reiber, a freshman, is 40-5.
The winner will advance to face either Like Krompetz of Gladwin (37-7) or Garrett Stevens of Dundee (39-9).
Other top wrestlers at 103 are Mark Weber of Goodrich (43-2), Alex Garcia of Shelby (27-6), Mike Endert of Vassar (39-9), Trever Barker of Stanton Central Montcalm (46-6), Dominic Deyonker of Imlay City (46-6), Corey Robinson of Caro (42-9), Elijah Troost of Comstock Park (46-2), Brandon Richter of Grand Rapids Forest Hills East (43-9), Nick Quinones of Erie Mason (35-1) and Ryan Lloyd of Mason County Central (42-8).
Wheetley, a sophomore, is 40-10 for the Bucks this season.
In the opening round Wheetley will face Zac Donofrio of Dundee. Donofrio, a senior, is 51-1 on the season.
The winner will advance to face Andy Robertson of Corunna (5-1) or Dean Amos of Kalkaska (51-4).
Other top wrestlers at 119-pounds are Phil Gorton of Shelby (33-1), Nick Rudy of Madison Heights Lamphere (43-9), Jeff Peterman of Alma (39-8), Bob Palmer of Vassar (49-5), Jason Fischer of Goodrich (50-7), Wayne Bogue of Stanton Central Montcalm (45-8) and Ryan Dietrich of Coopersville (38-7).
Bennett, a senior, is 35-9 on the year. Bennett will take on Joe Crowley of Remus Chippewa Hills in the opening round at 171-pounds. Crowley, a senior, is 56-4 on the year.
Other top wrestlers at 171 are Lance Thornsberry of New Boston (54-1), Caleb Medaco of Mason County Central (39-4), Dustin Ryke of Coopersville (40-8), Josh Bettrager of Chesaning (49-3), Mike Kronke of Otsego (46-1), Jeff Francek of Yale (43-9), Nic Struble of Shepherd (38-9) and Brett Seres of Croswell-Lexington (43-7).
Connors, a junior, is 38-14 for the Bucks this season. He will take on Adam MacIver of Dundee in the opening round at 189-pounds. McIver, a senior, is 49-1 on the year.
The winner advances to face either Steve Fedewa of Olvid-Elsie (37-9) or Nick Williams of Cheboygan (37-10) in the second round.
Other top wrestlers at 189 are Robert Nottoli of Constantine (28-9), J.D. Kowalkoski of Manistee (42-5), Pete Mooney of Caro (21-4), Scott Kimball of Standish-Sterling (28-5), Lovell Washington of Highland Park (41-4), Steve Frye of Essexville Garber (48-2), Nate Maat of Hamilton (32-5) and Jon Vanderbossche of Yale (50-8).
Here is the complete schedule of events:
Thursday, March 10
Grand March – 2:30 p.m.
Round 1 – Championship 1st round, 2:45 p.m.
Friday, March 11
Round 2 – Consolation 1st round, 8:30 a.m.
Round 3 – Championship Quarterfinals, 11 a.m.
Round 4 – Consolation 2nd round, 2 p.m.
Round 5 – Championship Semifinals, 7 p.m.
Saturday, March 12
Round 6- Consolation 3rd round, 8:30 a.m.
Round 7 – Consolation Semifinals, 10:10 a.m.
Round 8 – Consolation Finals (7th, 5th, 3rd place matches), Noon
Grand March, 4:30 p.m.
Finals, 4:45 p.m.