Fugitive felons put on notice

Published 2:10 pm Thursday, January 27, 2005

By Staff
NILES - On Sept. 29, 2004, it was announced that the Michigan State Police Niles post placed on notice fugitive felons residing in Indiana to turn themselves in to authorities. Since that time over 100 fugitives have been arrested, following diligent efforts by the Troopers at the Niles Post.
Unfortunately a number of suspects believed to be living in Northern Indiana have not turned themselves in on their charges. The following list of suspects have had warrant notices sent to their last known address.
The Michigan State Police is seeking the following suspects:
JR Cochran, born Sept. 19, 1959, of South Bend, on a charge of OWI 3rd, $25,000 bond.
Rebekah Colon, born June 1, 1979, of South Bend, charge of Uttering and Publishing, $2,500 bond.
Everett J. Freeze, born Feb. 15, 1962, of South Bend, charge of Larceny, greater than $,1000, less than $20,000, $5,000 bond.
Kwatiwani K. Kulisewa, born July 7, 1971, of South Bend, charge identity theft, $15,000 bond.
Nancie I. Lesicki, born July 19, 1959, of South Bend, charge on Non Sufficient Funds Check, $400 bond.
Anthony J. Lewis, born Jan. 31, 1980, of South Bend, charge of UDAA Motor Vehicle, $2,500 bond.
Blynn H. Shaw, Jr., born April 13, 1950, of South Bend, charge of Motor Vehicle, Unlawful use, $1,000 bond.
Lillian D. Walker, born Sept. 21, 1960, of South Bend, charge of No Account Check, $500 bond.
Bart S. Bush, born May 21, 1980, South Bend, charge of Arson/R and C Stolen Property, $30,000 bond.
Leon Aldridge, born June 21, 1985, of South Bend, charge of B and E of residence, $1,500 bond.
Abiley JJ Nelson, born April 7, 1977, of South Bend, charge of Home Invasion, no bond.
Any concerned citizen can contact the Michigan State Police Niles Post with information on these fugitives wanted by the post. Indiana Police Departments will be contacted in the coming days and weeks to aggressively seek out and arrest those felons.
The Berrien County and Cass County Prosecutors offices have been instrumental in seeking the extradition of out of state felons to conclude multiple criminal investigations.