Niles vet goes above and beyond

Published 2:01 pm Wednesday, January 26, 2005

By By ERIN VER BERKMOES / Niles Daily Star
NILES - Sue Gourlay of Niles, whose dog Punkin lived to age 17, believes because of the love and care her pet received from Dr. Beverly Holt, she lived a long rich life.
Holt knows the right kind of treatments for each particular animal, and she just has a real love and compassion towards her patients," Gourlay added.
Holt has been a veterinarian in the Niles area for the past 45 years. She received her degree from Michigan State University, where she was the only female in her graduating class.
Originally from the Detroit area, Holt chose to come to this area after graduation because she believed the veterinarians in this area were quite progressive.
At one time she thought of becoming a pediatrician, as she loved medicine, but her love of animals won out.
At her practice, which is located on Oak Street in Niles, her specialty is treating mainly dogs and cats.
Holt offers some advice to anyone who is thinking of attending veterinarian school.
First, she suggests they pursue some type of internship or part-time work with a veterinarian before even applying to school.
Next, Holt recommends prospective veterinarians be independent thinkers, as well as good in the sciences and math.
Over the past few years, Dr. Holt has cut back a bit on the hours she is working, but she doesn't see herself retiring completely in the near future. She gets help from other vets in the area, referring patients which need more than she can offer.
She also may send them to the emergency clinic in South Bend, Ind., which earlier in her career she helped establish.
She would like to see every animal sent to obedience school. She also encourages owners to give their animals many different experiences or "a broad spectrum of life."