Hoop Hilarity: Hoops Team 16 brings fun to benefit contest

Published 1:35 pm Friday, January 21, 2005

By By ERIKA PICKLES / Niles Daily Star
Thursday night's basketball match-up between the Niles faculty staff and Hoops Team 16 was everything it was promised to be.
The event, which was put on by Kiwanis of Niles/SW Michigan and sponsored by Greater Niles Community Federal Credit union, was fun for kids of all ages with a lot of entertainment.
You would have thought you were at an NBA game, well sort of. The Niles staff was able to take a quick lead to start the game off.
Mike Vota scored the first two points of the game for Niles. Mike "Sweet' Pease sunk a 3-pointer for Hoops Team 16's first basket.
Jim Arnold, known for his intense running in practices, should be doing some laps himself. He committed two turnovers in the first four minutes of play. But made up for the mistakes by scoring seven points for Niles.
George Brawley thought he would try an alley-oop pass to Vota for a dunk, but ended up making a 3-pointer. We all know he just wanted to make a basket. Nice try though! Mike "El Nino" Hoffman was on fire for Hoops Team 16 throughout the entire game.
On the other hand Matt Hunkler, of Niles, was not. He deserves an award for the most over the shoulder airball shots.
Vota showed he stills has what it takes and made a slam dunk late in the first. The Niles staff ended the first quarter up 20-15.
Hoffman started the second quarter out by making a 3-pointer for WNDU. Niles rebounded quickly with eight straight points.
Hoffman and Jeremy Huston both added two points each to WNDU's score. Vota thought he would be superman again and dunk it, but missed. Then for some reason ran towards the door. Wonder why?
The Niles staff kept a decent lead in the second period, but WNDU was able to come back within reach.
Jimmy "Mac" McAteer knocked down a 3-pointer for WNDU. The Niles staff looked like it was getting tired late in the second period. Arnold's conditioning must not have worked for them. It wasn't playing any defense and had a hard time getting shots in.
Some how Niles was able to end the first half up 38-31.
The National Champion Niles Elite Cheer Teams and Bill Camps Frisbee Dogs provided the halftime entertainment.
The Cheer Team is heading to China this June to perform with the Chinese Acrobats and Olympic gymnast.
Bill Camp and his dogs are known nationally. They have performed at halftime shows of NFL, NBL and NBA games. Not to mention they have won numerous championships.
Zeke the Wonderdog and Duece, also Frisbee Dogs, performed as well. These two dogs perform at all of the Michigan State games. They wore Michigan State outfits with Rebark shoes.
The third quarter took a totally different turn. Amber Peters and Ashley Pingel, both members of the Niles varsity basketball and varsity volleyball teams, played with WNDU against both of their coaches.
WNDU decided to try their hand at football, or in this case foosketball, but their attempt didn't work.
Hoffman was fouled and decided to bring Kaylee Bonner, a varsity volleyball player, in from the stands to shoot his free throws. She airballed all three. Guess basketball just isn't her sport.
Hoffman was having trouble staying on his feet in the third. He fell down twice on defense after Vota shot over him. The way he looked a lot of fans didn't think he would make it to work that night to give the weather. But someone got him a tissue and he was alright.
Vota attempted a half court shot in the last few seconds of the quarter, but it was unsuccessful.
Niles again had the lead going into the fourth 63-46.
Keri Huston was the talk of the fourth quarter.
The reporter for WNDU made the first four points of the quarter putting them back in the ball game. She was also able to pull off a slam dunk with a little help from Jeremy Huston, who put her on his shoulders.
Jo Shaw scored the first two points for Niles 5:51 into the quarter. WNDU was able to make an impressive comeback and came within one point of Niles.
Jeremy Huston's 3-pointer was enough to give WNDU their first lead since the first quarter 67-65.
Greg Zerber made a long 3-pointer to give Niles the lead back 68-67. Matt Hamill also gave Niles two points to put them up by three. WNDU knew they had to make at least a 3-pointer to tie it up. One of the teammates came up with a brilliant idea, let Hoffman shoot a half court shot. You know because those are the easiest shots in basketball right? Hoffman came close, but missed it. The Niles Faculty won 70-67.
All of the money raised last night will go to local area projects.