Niles captures another title

Published 1:01 pm Monday, January 17, 2005

By By SCOTT NOVAK / Niles Daily Star
NILES - The Dowagiac wrestling varsity "B" squad finished with a 3-2 record on Saturday at the Brandywine Invitational.
As expected, the Niles Vikings captured the championship with a 5-0 record against the host Bobcats, Dowagiac Chieftains, Mendon Hornets, Eau Claire Beavers and Lawton Blue Devils.
Niles defeated Brandywine in the championship match, 61-6.
Brandywine went 4-1 on the day, while the Chieftains finished third at 3-2. Mendon was fourth at 2-3, while Eau Claire and Lawton finished fifth and sixth respectively with records of 1-4 and 0-5.
In the opening round of the tournament, Niles defeated Lawton 71-6, Brandywine defeated 63-9 and Dowagiac defeated Eau Claire 51-15.
In the second round, Niles blanked Dowagiac 75-0, Brandywine defeated Eau Claire 61-18, and Mendon defeated Lawton, 37-18.
In the third round, Niles defeated Eau Claire 72-3, Brandywine defeated Lawton 57-24 and Dowagiac defeated Mendon 33-29.
In the fourth round, Niles defeated Mendon 75-6, Brandywine defeated Dowagiac 48-23, and Lawton defeaetd Eau Claire 72-3.
In the fifth round Dowagiac defeated Lawton 39-33 and Mendon defeated Eau Claire 42-36.
A host of wrestlers were undefeated on the day including 11 Niles grapplers.
Rodney Leneway picked up his 100th career victory during the tournament for the Vikings. Leneway wrestles at 135-pounds.
Also going undefeated for the Vikings were Jake Glueckert (103), Bryce Flannery (112), Matt Poehlman (119), Mason Stephenson (125), Tom Scansen (140), Ben Brandstatter (145), John Wreggels-worth (145/152), Dan Lawson (160), Jake Groves (171) and Josh Henry (189).
Brandywine's Jeremy Howell was undefeated on the day at heavyweight.
Also going undefeated were Mickey Mutersbaugh of Eau Claire, Dan McCann of Lawton and David Sanford of Mendon.
Finishing with 4-1 records on the day were Pat VanLaere, Brandywine; Adam Simons, Brandywine; Marcello Ghiraldi, Eau Claire; Bob Emmans, Lawton; Dan McCann, Lawton; Justin McClish, Mendon; Nathan Cottell, Dowagiac; Austin Lawrence, Dowagiac; Rob Duszynski, Dowagiac; Nate Behnke, Dowagiac; Derek Purcell, Niles; Chad Nichols, Niles.
Finished with a 3-2 record on Saturday were Adam Saltsman, Brandywine; Lance Taliaferro, Brandywine; Jordan Bruni, Brandywine; Kyle Perry, Brandywine; Joel Perry, Brandywine; Brian Krisher, Brandywine; Kyle Jones, Brandywine; Jeremy, Hechtl Brandywine; Brett Rathgeb, Eau Claire; Jason Burks, Eau Claire; Colin Gregory, Mendon; Jeremy Shank, Dowagiac; and Shawn Rawson, Dowagiac.
Brandywine's Justin Price was 2-0 on the day, while Coulter Kane went 2-1.
Against Brandywine in the championship match, Niles recorded six consecutive pins from 103- to 135-pounds. The Vikings also got a pin at 160 from Lawson and 189 from Henry.
Brandywine's two victories came at 215- and 275-pounds, both by one point.
Match results
First round
Dowagiac d. Eau Claire 51-15, Brandywine d. Mendon 63-9, Niles d. Lawton 71-6.
Second round
Niles d. Dowagiac 75-0, Brandywine d. Eau Claire 61-18, Mendon d. Lawton 37-18.
Third round
Dowagiac d. Mendon 33-29, Brandywine d. Lawton 57-24, Niles d. Eau Claire 72-3.
Fourth round
Brandywine d. Dowagiac 48-23, Niles d. Mendon 75-6, Eau Claire tied Lawton 33-33 and won in total points criteria 17-16.
Fifth round
Dowagiac d. Lawton 39-33, Niles d. Brandywine 61-6, Mendon d. Eau Claire 42-36.