Column: There’s no doubt about it: USC is No. 1… right?

Published 12:17 pm Saturday, January 8, 2005

By Staff
There is no doubt that the University of Southern California Trojans are the best team in college football.
Or are they?
We will never know because there are still two other undefeated college football teams which would like a shot at the Trojans.
The Auburn Tigers already feel like they were snubbed by not getting into the championship game against USC.
After seeing how the Trojans dismantled Oklahoma, perhaps the Tigers have a point.
Of course, no one really knows if the outcome of the Orange Bowl would have been any different had USC played Auburn.
Oklahoma certainly proved it didn't belong in the championship game for the second year in a row.
One would think that the BCS would have skipped over the Sooners after they were embarrassed last year at the expense of LSU.
But nooooo!
The brain trust of the BCS decided that the undefeated Sooners were better than the undefeated Auburn Tigers or undefeated Utah.
Let's get serious people, we need a football playoff.
With four undefeated football teams heading into bowl season, there should at the very least, be a way to pair up all four teams for a two-game showdown.
I would have put USC against Utah in one bowl game and Oklahoma against Auburn in the other.
Then, with an extra game, which there may be this coming year, the winners would have met for a true national champion.
The whole BCS system remains a joke.
There is no way that an undefeated team should be left out of the national title game.
I am sick and tired of the college presidents standing up in front of the media and telling people they are concerned about education and that a playoff system would keep the players away from school too long.
They have playoffs in other divisions.
Are these kids smarter than those who play Division 1 football? The Division 2 and Division 3 kids seems to make it through their academic studies despite a playoff system.
The reality of it is that these college presidents are protecting a bowl system which lines their pockets with gobs of money.
There has to be a way to keep the bowl system and have a playoff at the same time.
Until this happens, we the people, will have to stand around the day after the national championship game and lament about who won and who should have played in that contest.
At least it gives us something to talk about around the water cooler.