Cass sentences man for reckless driving, failure to report crash

Published 9:28 am Friday, December 3, 2004

By Staff
CASSOPOLIS - Kyle Jakubowicz was sentenced to jail Thursday as a result of his earlier plea of guilty as charged to reckless driving and failure to report an accident.
Charges stemmed from his improper driving on April 1, 2004.
Fourth District Judge Paul E. Deats sentenced Jakubowicz to a 60-day jail term on the reckless driving charge, along with fines and costs totaling $550 for both charges.
Jakubowicz has the alternative choice of spending a total of 30 extra days in jail on top of his original 60-day sentence in lieu of paying his fines and costs.
During this incident of reckless driving and failure to report property damage, Matthew R. Anderson was following the defendant, lost control of his vehicle, crashed and died. The defendant's improper driving began in St. Joseph County, Ind., and took the defendant into Cass County's Milton Township.
These incidents occurred on Redfield, Gumwood, Kline and Stateline roads.
Jakubowicz faces similar charges in St. Joseph County, Ind.