Not one to blow his own horn

Published 7:35 am Thursday, November 11, 2004

By By SPIROS GALLOS / Niles Daily Star
NILES - In a world where most everyone is quick to stick their fellow man with labels which classify them in terms of jock, nerd, freak, and prep, Josh Henry can't be labeled.
The 18-year-old Niles High School senior is an athlete, a musician, a scholar and so much more.
In addition to being captain of the varsity wrestling team and a leader on the varsity baseball team, Josh plays trumpet in the school band, and constantly pushes himself in the classroom, taking some of the most challenging classes available.
Baseball is a part of who Josh is. He's been playing since he was 8 years old and can't even think of doing otherwise. Josh is an all-conference centerfielder and team leader on the Niles High School varsity baseball team.
When he's not playing on the field, Josh cheers for the Boston Red Sox and any team playing the New York Yankees.
Josh is also an accomplished wrestler, last year he was a regional qualifier in his weight class.
Josh said wrestling appealed to him in the eighth grade because it was the most physically involving thing he had ever done. Five years later the same still holds true for Josh.
Although it's not his first love, playing the trumpet in the school band is something Josh truly enjoys.
But when he first joined the band in the sixth grade, Josh didn't want to play the french horn which was assigned to him.
After taking a year off and being introduced to the trumpet by a friend of his father, Josh joined the band again in the seventh grade and has been playing the trumpet ever since.
Josh is one of a handful of band members who are also athletes, he said. "A lot of people wouldn't guess that I was in band," Josh said of the common misconception of him being an athlete only.
When playing the trumpet, Josh admits he likes to play in front of people and showcase his talents, but when asked about his accomplishments, he is a very modest person.
One thing Josh does talk about is his love of music, in most of its forms. "I like just about everything except rap, hip-hop, and country," he said.
While he listens to rock bands like Metallica, Tool, and Slipknot, Josh also listens to jazz and classical works, like the 1812 Overture, as well.
With a work ethic instilled in him by his parents, Anthony and Janice, Josh takes on any task presented to him and gives it his all.
Whether it's pinning an opponent on the wrestling mat or playing a trumpet solo, it can be assured Josh isn't slacking in his work.
In fact, Josh is hard at work even while he unwinds. In his free time, Josh lifts weights and practices his trumpet.
Josh said he trains and practices when he unwinds because he enjoys doing things that improve his abilities.
No matter how much he improves his abilities, Josh is always looking for a new challenge.
Josh carries that same attitude with him when he enters the classroom.
Rouse described Josh as being truly interested in learning and that he tackles college-level material and relishes it.
Josh recently told Rouse how he was devouring the Greek master works, such as The Illiad and the Odyssey, in his Advanced Literature and Composition, she said.
As part of the school's athletic training program, Josh gets experience that will aid him in his desired profession of sports medicine.
Josh is interested in sports medicine because he'd like to stay around sports in his professional career. Athletic training also satisfies Josh's interest in anatomy and knowing how things work.
After graduation, Josh plans to attend Michigan State University and enter the school's pre med program.
Even though he keeps himself busy most of the time, Josh admits it's sometimes nice to sit back and relax with friends at bonfires on the beach or going camping in the woods.
Josh, like most teenagers, enjoys sitting down and watching the occasional television program.
Although there is one concept which eludes Josh - the popularity of reality television programs.
Josh doesn't understand what compels people to watch the shows, some religiously, he said.