Niles F.O.P. renames fields

Published 11:59 pm Friday, August 27, 2004

By By ADAM FISHER / Niles Daily Star
Niles' Fraternal Order of Police has tried for years to erect a memorial for the city's only two officers killed in the line of duty, F.O.P. president Lt. Scott Glick said.
The F.O.P.'s efforts culminated in the dedication of the order's two baseball fields to slain officers Clarence Shockley and Vance Cooper.
Glick said the F.O.P. baseball fields are the perfect place because the league is community oriented, and the officers died protecting the city of Niles.
Other officers and F.O.P. members said it is about time officers Shockley and Cooper got recognition.
Shockley was the first Niles police officer to be killed in the line of duty. He was killed on Aug. 14, 1907 while investigating suspicious activity at C.R. Smith Lumber Yard.
Cooper, the second Niles officer slain, was killed in 1937 while apprehending a suspect. Cooper was crossing the highway on foot, handcuffed to the suspect, and both were struck by an oncoming vehicle.
One other Niles officer died while on duty. Detective Paul H. Winquist suffered a heart attack and died in 1974. The lounge at the F.O.P. lodge is named after him.
A state trooper from Niles was shot and killed in 1972 by a bank robber. Glick said the F.O.P. is currently working on creating a memorial for the killed trooper.
The field where the 6- to 9-year-olds play will be named Cooper Field. The 10- to 12-year-olds' field will be named Shockley field. Signs bearing the fields names will be placed in each respective outfield.
Two signs describing each officer's death and memorializing them will be placed on the side of the concession stand.
The signs were paid for by money donated from the F.O.P., Clark's Service, Dunnuck Plumbing and East Main Diner.
Huff said it is important to recognize the fallen officers in a public way because they died serving and protecting the city. Huff said an quote from Shockley in a newspaper article after his death summed up every police officer's thoughts.