It’s their home for the next four years

Published 11:43 pm Wednesday, August 25, 2004

By By SPIROS GALLOS / Niles Daily Star
NILES - Just under a week before the first day of classes, Aug. 30, the Niles High School auditorium was filled to capacity with incoming freshmen and their parents.
The theme of the NHS freshman orientation was "Welcome Home." Principal Betty Perkins welcomed the class of 2008 and advised students and parents alike to get to know the high school.
The wide-eyed, incoming freshmen listened as the school administration and counselors were introduced.
Assistant principal Molly Brawley told students about the importance of carrying their student handbook to every class and to not be late to any classes - every tardy will result in a 30 minute lunch detention.
Smith let the kids know that he was there to give each one their very first driver's license and apartment - their student ID and locker.
Brawley outlined some classes freshmen would take during the school year such as freshman connection and seminar. She advised them to make the most of the seminar, a homeroom of sorts with freshmen through seniors.
After the hour long assembly, the eager young students were released to go get their schedules and explore their home for the next four years.
Every new endeavor in life is met with a mix of emotions, high school is no different.
Stoops squealed with glee when she found out she had some classes with her friends Chelsea Spear, 14, and Whitney Spain, 14.
Unlike Stoops, her friend Rachel Shinsky, 14, is nothing but excited.
A lot of students were just happy to be out of middle school and into the big pond of high school.
Aaron Davis, 14, seemed a bit conflicted when asked how he felt about being a freshman this year.
As kids wandered the halls searching for their lockers and classrooms, no doubt getting lost in the process, not everything went as planned for some.
Bobby Nash, 14, found his locker didn't have a lock on it.
Whatever future awaits these young scholars, it goes without saying: Sit down and strap in for four of the most interesting years of your life.