Francisco: Kids need to be involved in athletics

Published 8:34 am Thursday, July 29, 2004

By By SCOTT NOVAK / Vigilant/Argus
CASSOPOLIS - New Ross Beatty High School dean of students/athletic director Hiawatha Francisco is all about getting kids involved in athletics.
Francisco knows the importance of getting more students out for the Ranger athletic teams, but he also knows that there are opportunities for those who may not want to participate, but rather, just be part of the team.
Francisco said earlier this week that he is creating a "Code Blue Crew" to get participation up. He also said that there are positions available for team managers, student-coaches and even working in the athletic department with him.
Francisco said there is a connection between athletics and good students for those who stick with it.
Francisco said he has been welcomed to Cassopolis with open arms and hopes to someday own a house there.
He met a few people who have begun working with him a couple of nights a week to get prepared for the upcoming seasons.
Francisco said that enthusiasm will be built upon. He wants every Cassopolis coach to hold a summer camp next year so that the younger kids get the know their names and faces.
(Second in a two-part series)