Krupp requests rerouting truck traffic

Published 7:43 am Friday, June 11, 2004

By By NORMA LERNER / Edwardsburg Argus
EDWARDSBURG -- Cass County Road commissioners will be looking into a request by Ontwa Township Trustee Norman Krupp to reroute heavy truck traffic including double tractor-trailer haulers who use an ingress and egress driveway just south of the railroad tracks on Conrad Road.
The driveway is located on the Michigan side of the Indiana border owned by Universal Forest Products in Granger.
The road commission will talk to Milton Township officials since the driveway borders Milton Township and will attempt to set up a meeting with the manager of the lumber company.
Krupp told the commissioners that 30 to 50 loaded lumber trucks use Conrad Road and Redfield Street daily, and the Ontwa Township Board contends that neither of the two roads are rated for this heavy truck traffic.
Krupp said he has seen the double haulers take up both lanes of Michigan-62 to turn onto Redfield Road to make the turn.
With the new stop light at the intersection there is also a problem dip for cars and trucks going east and west on Redfield, he said.
It was noted that Redfield Street is a class A road but Conrad Road is not.
In other matters, the commissioners granted a crop lease agreement with Esther Leach to farm road commission property on North O'Keefe Street north of the gravel pit
Since there was a dispute on three of the acres leased, it was agreed that the actual amount of property will be based on the U.S. Departmental of Agriculture measurements for approximately 82 acres.
Quarterly safety awards were drawn for employees who worked without an accident during a four-month period.
They were Tom Mathews, Robert Parrish, Mike Mott and Ruben Hodgson. Each employee received a $50 U.S. Savings Bond.