Adams to apply for Blue Ribbon

Published 6:17 am Thursday, March 25, 2004

By By MARCIA STEFFENS / Cassopolis Vigilant
CASSOPOLIS -- Sam Adams Elementary School Principal Suzanne Hague told the Cassopolis Public School Board monday she received notification the school can apply for Blue Ribbon status. The process is involved and will take time, but it was one of her original goals as principal.
In other business:
The parents questioned this this is the first such contract, will other student in the future also be required to do so. School Board President Christine Locke assured them this was to become a policy.
With no increases in aid and in fact cuts, the district is still in good shape, he told the board. The fund equity though will be reduced from 15 percent to half that, or about $850,000 on June 30, 2005. Four years ago it was 1.4 million, he added.
He listed ideas which are being considered for ways to reduce costs, such as half days for summer school and eliminating half days during the regular school year.
Another possibility is having one school nurse instead of two. Class size may be increase and support staff hours reduced.
His budget is based on 1330 students, less than the February 2004 count of 1351.