City police, paramedics assist Niles family when relative dies

Published 1:22 am Friday, January 2, 2004

By By JAMES COLLINS / Niles Daily Star
NILES -- On Dec. 29 at 9:47 a.m., Niles City Police were dispatched to a 911 call at 886 S. Third St. on a report of a man down.
Upon arrival, the family reported they attempted to start CPR on Grover Roscoe Fattic, 89. The paramedics then arrived on the scene to assist the officers.
Fattic was pronounced dead and was believed to have died of natural causes.
In other reports:
Upon arrival, police could smell the odor in the building and approached the suspected apartment.
The door was opened and the officer saw Nicholas Jon Mellema, 19, of 2231 Bertrand Road in Niles, sitting next to a table with what appeared to be a small plastic bag containing a green leafy substance.
According to the police report, when Mellema realized the officer was standing there, he grabbed the bag and brushed off the table with his arm.
The officer entered the apartment and advised Mellema to open his hand. He opened his hand and placed the marijuana on the table.
The officer also found a suspected marijuana cigarette behind his ear.
Mellema was placed under arrest pending charges for possession of marijuana.
Resident Rick Allen Miller, 31, allegedly became angry and started throwing things when his request for more cigarettes was denied.
Miller is currently on a set smoking schedule at Open Door.
An employee was punched in the back as they attempted to walk away from Miller.
He was placed under arrest pending charges for assault and battery and lodged at the Niles Police Department.
The officers were unable to read the number or expiration date on the plate.
The driver was identified as Shannon Lynn Kubiak, 18, of 932 S. Twickingham Drive in South Bend, Ind.
When officers asked her for her driver's licence, she stated that she has never had a license.
Kubiak said she was taking her friend, Stacy Elizabeth Harris, 23, of 315 N. Lowe St, in Dowagiac, to her home.
Police found that Harris had an outstanding warrant and was turned over to the Dowagiac police. Kubiak was arrested pending charges for driving without a valid license.
They were advised that two deputies were in foot pursuit of a suspect who had entered the Silverbrook Cemetery.
Upon arrival, they located the two deputies who had caught Jontue Myers, 23, of N. Fourth St. in Niles.
According to the police report, the deputies were at the counter in Legus Shell, when Myers entered the store.
Myers allegedly hesitated when he saw the officers and then ran out of the store.
Officers were dispatched to Legus Shell earlier for reports of a suspicious male. It was later found that Myers was the person in that incident.
Myers was issued a citation for entering a cemetery after it was closed.
The victim stated that he was riding his bike in the area of Wayne Street and Sixth Street when he was approached by two suspects.
The suspect allegedly said that the bike looked like the one that his mother gave him.
After looking the bike over, the suspect took off and rode away with the bike down Sixth Street.
The officers checked the area, but were unable to locate the bike or the suspects.