The best gift they ever received

Published 12:58 am Saturday, December 27, 2003

By By JAMES COLLINS / Niles Daily Star
When Niles residents were asked about their holidays, one thing was unaminous. Their favorite part of Christmas is spending time with the ones that they love.
Elva Nugent of Niles was not able to see her children this Christmas, but said that hearing from them was still her fondest Christmas memory.
Jean Beers said that being with family was extra special this year due to the fact their husband passed away in November.
Betty Francis echoed Beers' sentiments about giving when she said, "It is much better to give than to recieve."
Betty Malone's gift to her mother proved that Christmas is the perfect time to bring happiness to others.
Her mother loved to play the piano, but when she moved into an apartment, the space and noise restraints kept her from having one.
She was extremely happy when Malone found the perfect solution and bought her a keyboard for Christmas.
Another gift that seems to stand in people's memory is when they recieve a gift that will keep them company for years to come.
Ronda McClain smiled as she spoke of the six-week old Weimaraner puppy that she got from her husband this year, but also mentioned the importance of the social aspect of the holiday.
Kate Prochaska will never forget the Christmas when she recieved a new best friend.
The element of surprise also played a big part in Cindy Stokes' most memorable gift.
Jody Surch and her son Patrick were excited about their gifts year. She recieved a diamond pendant and earrings and he got a new home theater system.
Liz Beckwith pointed out that some of the best gifts are the ones that don't come from a store.
Young Matthew Beckwith said that his favorite present was a race track that he got from Santa on Christmas.
Louise Harner's favorite moment from this Christmas was the joy that it brought to the children in her family.
Harner said it was great to see the excitement of the eight children at her family get-together.