Howard Township voters recall supervisor, treasurer

Published 11:58 pm Tuesday, December 16, 2003

By By JAN GRIFFEY / Niles Daily Star
NILES -- Eileen Glick has said all she has to say.
Glick, Howard Township's treasurer, and Hal Davis, supervisor, were ousted from office Monday night following a very close recall vote.
Davis received 577 Yes votes to 493 No votes. Glick received 548 Yes votes to 520 No votes.
Four other Howard Township board members -- Craig Bradfield, Mike Gordon, George Johnson and Mike Richmond -- narrowly survived the recall attempt.
A group of Howard Township residents calling themselves the Howard Township Taxpayers Watchdog Group, led by farmer Larry Eckler, former supervisor Tom Kennedy and two others, alleged misuse of funds by all but one on the Howard Township board. No such misuse has ever been proven.
Linda Leet, who was township clerk at the time the group launched their effort to recall the board, was not named by them. She later resigned.
The group collected signatures and forced Monday night's election.
Only 1,077 of Howard Township's 4,292 registered voters went to the polls on Monday.
Glick was elected treasurer and Davis re-elected supervisor in November 2000. At that time, Glick received 1,634 votes; Davis earned 1,262 votes.
However, it only took 548 votes to recall Glick Monday night and 577 to recall Davis.
Ann Simmons, Cass County's clerk, said the Cass County Canvassing Board will meet on Thursday, Dec. 18, to canvas -- meaning make official -- the results of Monday's vote.
She said the Cass County Election Commission will make appointments needed to create a quorum on the Howard Township board.
Neither Davis or Glick can be appointed to fill the vacant positions. However, both can run again in August, Simmons said.