Man suspect in indecent exposure

Published 10:49 pm Tuesday, December 2, 2003

By By JOANNA ARNETT / Niles Daily Star
NILES -- A man formerly charged with indecent exposure in late October of this year is a suspect in an incident that took place on Sunday, Nov. 30, around 3 p.m.
According to police, three girls were walking from Third Street to a residence on Sixth Street. When they reached Third and Broadway, they noticed a male following them in a four-door burgundy car.
The girls alleged that the car would pass them, pull over, and wait for them to walk by.
The girls walked to Seven Day Party Place and stayed inside for a few minutes.
While waiting, they noticed that the male had driven his car to Dixie Cream at the end of the parking lot and was parked.
When the girls left the store, he resumed following them. The girls allegedly tried walking down side streets to avoid him, but he kept following them.
Around Fifth and Wayne Street, he had pulled over. As the girls walked past his car, they observed him "playing with himself" and told police that they could clearly see his private parts.
The girls ran to their destination and called a friend, who in turn called police.
The suspect was arrested on an indecent exposure incident in late October of this year and was suspect in another incident on the same day.
The investigation into the incident continues.