Critical appeal for local blood

Published 12:50 pm Wednesday, August 13, 2003

By Staff
SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- South Bend Medical Foundation's Blood Bank is making a critical appeal for local blood donors.
Donors can walk in anytime or make an appointment by calling ahead. Their hours are expanding in light of the crisis.
The South Bend Medical Foundation stresses that they have tried to import blood from other centers across the country, but donations are at an all-time low and there isn't any to go around.
Volunteers must be in good health, at least 17 and have no recent tattoos or body piercings. They must weigh at least 110 pounds and be free of cold and flu symptoms for at least 72 hours.
For more information, call South Bend Medical Foundation Central Blood Bank, (574) 234-1157 or Edison Lakes Lab and Donor Center (574) 273-8879.