White House II celebrating grand opening this weekend

Published 6:37 am Thursday, June 5, 2003

By By BEN RAYMOND LODE / Niles Daily Star
NILES -- A local businessman has bought, totally renovated and renamed the Niles club formerly known as Daisy Maes.
The club, located at 2839 N. Fifth St., is now called the White House II and will under the new name have its grand opening this weekend.
The new club owner, Tom Van Tuyl, who runs Insulation Enterprises on 1370 Maple St., in Niles, said the club will host 11 bands this weekend, both local and from out of state.
Van Tuyl said Saturday's main attraction is "American Motherload" from Chicago, Ill.
Sunday's main attraction is "P.S Dump Your Boyfriend" from Indianapolis, Ind., he said.
Van Tuyl, who bought the building earlier this year, said purchasing and renovating the building has so far cost him $300,000.
Since the renovation started in early May, a brand new stage and a new lighting system has been put in, Van Tuyl said.
In addition, two walls have been torn down inside the building, he said.
Van Tuyl is thankful for the work Bob's Builders, a Niles construction company, has done to make the re-opening happen only two months after he bought the building.
Although Van Tuyl is the new club owner, he still relies on the experience of long-time club employees on the day-to-day running of the club. Having managed the club for 11 years, Leonard Bloss said he has seen the club go through different stages during his time there. He is positive the renovations will benefit the club and attract more people.
But Van Tuyl hopes it's not only the improved facilities that will draw people to the club. He said the goal is to attract a diversified group of people. "We just want to be known as the place where people can come to have fun," he said.
In addition to music, Van Tuyl also said the building's kitchen is being cleaned up.
The plan is to offer hamburgers french fries and other basket foods, he said. And although Van Tuyl estimates 75 percent of the music played at the club is rock, he also brings in bands who play dance music. That way he can cater for a larger audience.
Debbie Sanchez, another club employee, is also responsible for organizing dart and pool events.
She said she is always on the lookout for new teams to play in the tournaments she organizes.
The club also caters for birthday parties, bachelorette parties and funeral dinners.
Although the club usually takes reservations on regular nights, this weekend will be different, Van Tuyl said "This weekend is first come first serve," he said.
Bands start to play at 7 p.m Friday, 5 p.m Saturday and 7 p.m. Sunday.
For more information about Friday's events, or any events at the club, call (269) 684-1790.