Teaching outside of class

Published 1:06 am Friday, May 30, 2003

By By MARCIA STEFFENS / Cassopolis Vigilant
CASSOPOLIS -- After becoming acquainted with Cassopolis while doing student teaching in college, it seemed natural to chose the community as a place to buy a home and set down roots.
Pete Brown, 24, and his wife Annette just married last year and with Brown teaching fourth grade in Three Rivers and she attending graduate school studying chemistry at Notre Dame University in Indiana, Cass County seemed like a good central location.
Originally from the Detroit area, Brown said Cassopolis was "an interesting change.
When they were looking for a house, they stopped in the Cassopolis Arbys abd three former students all said, "Hi, Mr. Brown."
Last summer was fairly hectic, he added, with getting married and buying the house. He is looking forward to the fair and enjoying the many parks in the area and lakes, as kayaking is a favorite hobby.
Another pastime is disc golf. "I love Lawless Park. I bring my dog out there and there is an 18 hole course.
He is offering his "knowledge and resources of music recording to assist groups in recording their music onto CDs or tapes, whether for personal use or to get gigs." he could also bring his equipment to a location, such as a church which might want to record a concert.
This summer, for the third year, he will be teaching chemistry and engineering to third through sixth graders at a day camp for Glen Oaks Community College. "It's fun," he said, "I get to make things smoke and bubbles and things."
His new home allows plenty of room for his equipment and even a space for an art studio, as doing watercolors is another hobby.
He is calling his part-time business and studio which he has set up in the basement of the home they bought at 511 Water Street in Cassopolis, Brown Bulb Records. He can be reached at (269) 445-2531.