Musicians play well at Solo and Ensemble

Published 1:19 am Monday, April 14, 2003

By Staff
Here are the results of the solo ensemble events at Junior High Solo Ensemble festival at Southwestern Michigan College April 12.
Division I ratings
Shawna Davis, clarinet solo
Brooke Warner, clarinet solo
Jessica Karnes, clarinet solo
Clay Hewitt, trombone solo
Candice Schonekas, trombone solo
Glen Haggin, trombone solo
Jordan Eby, trombone solo
Karilynn Myrkle, flute solo
Billy Davis, snare drum solo
Adam Hess, snare drum solo and timpani solo
Lindsay Meiser, flute solo
Stephanie Luke French Horn solo
Andrew Cuthbert Trumpet solo
Caitlyn Higgins Alto Sax solo
Division II ratings
Heather O'Neill Clarinet solo
Stephanie Muha Trombone solo
Jessica Tabbert Flute solo