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Niles Township looks to second phase of trail project

Niles Township looks to second phase of trail project

With the first phase of construction on a new multi-use recreational trail well underway in Niles Charter Township, township officials shifted focus to the second ... Read more

Township remains opposed to study

If a study is to be done on the pros and cons of combining the area’s ambulance and fire services, it won’t happen with the ... Read more | 11 comments

Is a rate hike on the horizon for Niles Township?

Niles Charter Township officials will have to decide if getting a $1 million grant to pay for an in-depth assessment of its wastewater and stormwater ... Read more

Ambulance director explains absence from township meeting

Tim Gray, executive director of Southwestern Michigan Community Ambulance Service, said there is a good reason why he wasn’t at Monday’s meeting of the Niles ... Read more

Township won’t support emergency services consolidation

Niles Charter Township officials are not in favor of pursuing a plan that would merge ambulance and fire department services in the greater Niles-Buchanan area. Read more

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