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47 ‘one pot’ meth labs found in Milton Township

A large meth making site in Milton Township was shutdown by the Cass County Drug Enforcement Team Wednesday night. Read more

Pair arrested in Mason Township for meth

Two arrests were made in Mason Township by the Cass County Drug Enforcement team in connection with a search warrant Wednesday. Read more

Meth lab found in Niles, two arrested

Two out-of-state people are under arrest after Niles police caught them allegedly operating a methamphetamine laboratory at a residence in north Niles Monday afternoon. Read more

Meth users unknowingly on ‘death’s door’

Michael Schultz said he and his wife were standing on death’s door as law enforcement personnel found a methamphetamine lab in their Cassopolis home on ... Read more

Four arrested at meth lab in Cassopolis

Cass County Drug Enforcement Team arrested four subjects Tuesday following an investigation into methamphetamine production in the 300 block of North First Street in Cassopolis. Read more

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