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‘Niles 5’ teen gets wrist slap for violating probation

Facing up to five years in prison for violating terms of his probation, a Niles teenager convicted in the 2011 “Niles 5 sextortion” case received ... Read more

Teen convicted in “Niles Five sextortion” case back in court

A Niles teenager who was one of five convicted in the “Niles five sextortion” case in 2011 was back in court this week facing several ... Read more

Miller gets one year in jail

The first four defendants to be sentenced in the Niles "sextortion" case all received prison time. The fifth and final defendant, Martell Miller, avoided that ... Read more

Miller won’t likely face more than year in jail

Martell Miller will likely receive no more than a year in jail for his involvement in the Niles teen sex video extortion scandal. Read more

Miller’s trial pushed back

Martell Miller was emotional in court Wednesday as he unsuccessfully argued against the prosecution's and his defense counsel's request to again delay his trial. Read more

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