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Niles artist prepares for Chesterton

Niles artist prepares for Chesterton

I met James Allen French on a cool Thursday morning in July at his — and his wife Beth’s — Niles home as he was ... Read more

Kathee Kiesselbach: Macro paintings utilize inspiring colors

When I first saw images of Jackie Welsh’s work, I was taken by the fact they looked so familiar. I realized, at one point, they ... Read more

Kathee Kiesselbach: Emotions a catalyst for creation

Artist Sally Hughes’ work is a reflection of her emotional attachment to the subject. Read more

Kathee Kiesselbach: Artists set scene for Oscar party

No Oscar night is complete without a party, and no party is better than one hosted by artists for other artists. Read more

Engel explains ‘call to garden’

I met Charles Engel through my friend, Terrie Cummins, at a party he hosted at his Three Oaks home. Read more

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