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Putting things in perspective is easy now

For more than a month now I have been dealing with some pretty serious personal issues involving my parents. Read more

Scott Novak: My ‘bucket’ list

Scott Novak: My ‘bucket’ list

It may seem like an odd thing to be thinking about during the holidays, but that’s how my mind works some days. Read more

Scott Novak: Closed schedule may not be a help

One of the things that most excited me when I heard that the Wolverine Conference was expanding to 12 teams was the possibility of a ... Read more

Scott Novak: Tebow’s time is over isn’t it?

In case anyone thinks Tim Tebow invented the combination of sports and religion – think again. Read more

Scott Novak: Irish finale hard to watch

I know it is not possible, but I really did want both teams to win the NCAA women’s basketball championship Tuesday night. On one side ... Read more