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Get your groove on

Get your groove on

CASSOPOLIS — It’s Thursday morning at Cass County Council on Aging, and the country music is cranked. That can only mean one thing — dance club, ... Read more

Volunteers make tax preparation easy

CASSOPOLIS — As a volunteer opportunity, helping prepare income taxes doesn’t sound very attractive. Read more

April at the COA

CASSOPOLIS — The following activities are scheduled the Cass County Council on Aging in April: April 2 and 16, Mondays: Quilting Club. Use or develop your ... Read more

COA names ‘Front Street Crossing’

COA names ‘Front Street Crossing’

Cass County Council on Aging’s new Dowagiac senior center next to City Hall has a name. The new facility opening in April will be called ... Read more

City preparing for COA

Bid documents are out the door for resurfacing the parking lot between the Cass County Council on Aging and City Hall, as well as development ... Read more

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