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Latest stories tagged: ‘Cardinal Charlie’

Happy spring from one of 512 Charlie Gills

As I look out my front room window, I realize that maybe spring has finally arrived, after winter finally gave up, even if it didn’t ... Read more

Cardinal Charlie: growing up poor in ’30s

    Not too long ago, I read about people in poverty and I said to myself I also was a person in poverty back ... Read more

Cardinal Charlie: 4,000 turned out to see new high school

I was surprised recently when in the mail we got a letter from state Sen. John Proos. Enclosed in his nice letter was a laminated ... Read more

Cardinal Charlie: steering a Model T an adventure

      I was talking to a man older than me and I told him I never got to ride in a Model T, ... Read more

Cardinal Charlie: Remember downtown drinking fountains?

A lot of younger Dowagiac residents who have been reading my columns won’t know about a lot in this article, but may find it interesting ... Read more